Where in the World Are We Going?

Dresden VW Phaeton Plant

We are living in such sensational times whether  political, economic, social or environmental that it is difficult to grasp the consequences. One thing for sure that will be happening is that our creative thinking will look for ways to make it more palatable and force us to become more open minded about where it is all going.

According to the Futurist Magazine, “The average American consumes about 34 gigabytes of data and information every day… and that amount of data will rise 44-fold in the next decade. The Economist Magazine predicts, “that by 2017 there could be as many as 7 trillion wirelessly connected devices and objects, which translates to approximately 1,000 per person. Personally I can’t grasp that yet.

I maintain that one must let “technology be your friend.” It doesn’t mean that I have to gobble down every new device, but that I actually find applications which make daily life easier. The more I do this the more I get into the flow of life at this ever increasing pace.

While there is a backlash at some level of how technology is taking over our lives there is also the positive side.

Here is an example of what a future factory looks like now. It is not only aesthetically beautiful but creates an interface between customer and producer. It is the Dresden Volkswagon plant where they  make the Phaeton.  The real creative thinking  was to get the city fathers to allow the plant to be built in the heart of the city. See how they did it.


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