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“I encouraged Sandy to tell his story, not one about just architecture, but the architecture of life as well. I could not put it down until I had finished the last page.” 
John Rattenbury, apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright and author of Living Architecture and A House for Life.

“Sandy Sims very quietly, almost nonchalantly, introduces a new form of thinking in this book HOW FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT GOT INTO MY HEAD, UNDER MY SKIN, AND CHANGED THE WAY I THINK ABOUT THINKING. And it is this very technique of writing this memoir of the changes affecting his life that makes this book so readable AND credible. Rarely does a self help type book work as well as this one in capturing our attention and our imagination in such a creative way.

Yes, this book is overflowing with challenging intellectual concepts, but it is also a very personal story that captures the reader’s attention and heart. Peppered with photographs of the various stages of the consummation of Sims’ dream of building the unbuilt homes of Frank Lloyd Wright, this book should appeal to lovers of memoirs, architects, ‘young’ philosophers hungry for new thoughts, and the public in general. It is a terrific book, one that could change the life of everyone who reads it.”

Grady Harp. January 11, 2011 Top Ten Reviewer- Amazon.
5.0  Stars out of Five.

“I had a wonderful time devouring your book How Frank Lloyd Wright Got into My Head, Under My Skin and Changed The Way I think About Thinking. The book was amazing I truly could not put it down.

Billie Williams. Printed Words All things a writer’s mind sorts through in an ordinary day, along with some tips, tricks, musings and perhaps a little advice spiked with light humor.


“So that’s a thumbs up for sharing a strategy that will allow one to arrive at the desired end. This is no quick fix strategy, but one that recognizes the long game and embraces rather than shies away from it. I like the thought process’ that are at play here, and would repeat what I say to my students of architecture “you really, really, really have to want to do this !” ie it is not for the casual or feint-hearted. Your commitment moves the project forward and creates a momentum unique to your way of operating in the World , and that is why it works . I recommend Mr. Sims’ book, and would urge you to dare to realize your full potential with it’s gentle guidance.”
5.0 stars out of five on Amazon
Humphrey Truswell “oxford don”

"The fact that I’m posting this in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning is testimonial to how inspiring Sandy Sims is in these two books.  I’ve had a dream for some time now, and reading this had me realizing that, even if it seems impossible, I have to attempt it–and I’ve worked non-stop trying to get the details in order and devise a plan of action. As it is any time you find yourself truly working with the flow, time becomes meaningless.  That this one book enabled me to allow myself to enter that state says more than anything else I could possibly write.

If you have ever had a dream, if you find yourself seeking deeper fulfillment and a direction in life, if you feel you have to rely on luck and not your own power to create, this book is a must read.  You will come away from the reading with a new sense of strength and faith in your abilities.  The book alone is inspiring, but I highly recommend using the companion workbook.  By using both, you not only see the path, but also can figure out the best way to follow it. "

Joyce Anthony  Books and Authors

This review is from: How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin and Changed The Way I Think About Thinking: A Creative Thinking Blueprint for the 21st Century (Paperback)
5.0 of five stars on Amazon.

“In the spirit of Siddhartha by Herman Hess, the book is an entertaining and sometimes humorous read of philosophical discovery in Sims’ journey to maturity. This journey coincides with the development of an idea that came to the author while reading the autobiography of Frank Lloyd Wright. A leap of faith and total commitment launches his visions of building a community of Frank Lloyd houses. Sims makes himself available to a synchronicity of events that offer opportunities that he is able to capitalize on in his pursuit of the highest art. If you have an idea that wants to become a reality, read Sims’ book. “
Quincie Hamby

“Sandy Sims has written an engaging personal narrative of his journey into relationship with the creative genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. Through trusting his intuition and his elusive ‘Invisible Partners,’ his lively book reveals what’s possible for us all when we turn toward our inner sources of wisdom and power, take courage, and decide to ‘go for it.’ I loved this book.”

Hank Wesselman,PhD., anthropologist and author of the Spiritwalker trilogyhttp://www.sharedwisdom.com/.

“The fascinating adventure of a successful business owner who explores the boundaries and possibilities of creative thinking. This is an entertaining true story about golf, shamans, astronauts, physicists and one of the most accomplished architects of our time…Very entertaining and thought-provoking!”
Winton R. Churchill, Founder, BarefootConsultants.com