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Download press information about Sandy Sims, How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking. A Creative Thinking Blueprint For The 21st Century & Creative Thinking For  The 21st Century, An Experiential Guidebook by Sandy Sims in collaboration with Kerry Monick, MD.


(1) How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking. A Creative Thinking Blueprint For The 21st Century by Sandy Sims

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Why I wrote this book

Originally I knew this would be a story of interest to those people who followed architecture. After reading Wright’s  autobiography I had been struck by the idea that not only was he famous but his drawings at the time were selling at auction for the same price as those of  Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.  He had designed over 1,000 designs but some 500 remained built. In an “a ha” flash I imagined that  a collection of Wright’s unrealized designs built in Hawaii would be stunning. The pursuit of this idea was so compelling, that I innocently and naively began the journey, and what a journey it was. I was cordially invited into many of Wright’s private homes, meeting their owners, and hearing their stories.  I became friends with those in the Taliesin Fellowship , some of  whom were original apprentices to Frank Lloyd Wright. It was a rich journey. While in the beginning I was attracted to the financial rewards that might have accrued, I later became fascinated by the idea of what it would be like to live inside of the space created by both a mystic and a genius. I found out.

The story of the collection idea and what ensued would have been an interesting enough accounting; yet, as I began writing, I found I was telling a larger, perhaps more important, story.

As a society we are facing unprecedented challenges. Technology is compressing our sense of time at a bewildering pace. The luxury of thinking time is vanishing. We face a fragile world economy, a challenged environment, and increasingly more dysfunctional governments. The news media is filled with experts rendering sound bites on diametrically opposed viewpoints. We are on information overload resulting in a kind of psychic numbing. Depending entirely on our linear thinking patterns to guide our daily lives no longer seems to work as well as  it once did. We must now learn the nature of our intuitive world, how to trust it and how to use it.

This book is an accounting of just such a journey.

I considered myself your average guy next door.  Not gifted, but willing to work hard.  Shortly after having a health crisis in my early 30’s, and struggling to make  a go of an advertising agency, I met a psychiatrist on a blind date.  That was a game changer. I  was thrust “down the rabbit hole,” the metaphorical journey into the unknown,  into a world of  self-discovery amidst people with entirely new methods of thinking.

I was introduced to  consciousness changing thinking patterns, and through trial and observation these concepts slowly  gave me the  willingness to act in the face of increasingly more uncertainty.

Because we are in watershed times, forcing us to rely more  on our intuitive world, I felt  this accounting would be an intriguing and useful story to hear.

Before entering the “rabbit hole” my thinking patterns and actions had produced results. But I didn’t understand why.  Once into it, I was more confident, but there was trepidation and lots of it. Had I not been immersed in these creative thinking patterns, the courage and trust to seize the Frank Lloyd Wright collection idea would have eluded me.

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