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Why You Might Want To Investigate The E.T. World

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Majestic Mt. Shasta

I am sure by now many of my friends think that I have gone completely bonkers.  But part of what I have been writing about is to check things out personally you find interesting or compelling. I  spent two months in the crop circles in Wiltshire, England and found them quite compelling. Some are saying that up to 80% of them are man made. Exactly how eludes me. I don’t know how anyone can do these things in the dark and get them perfectly executed. But for talking purposes say that 80% is correct. That leaves 20%, a sizable number. I imagined that were I from another dimension crop circles would be the perfect way to begin a dialogue. They appear, some extremely complex, leaving us to ponder the mathematical, spiritual, and message in the designs. Yet they feel benign. Maybe they affect us with archetypal patterns meant to  connect at the cellular level.  I found the most astonishing thing to be how little these creations are really noticed by the locals living there. They are passed off as creations of nutty people.  Yet as we all are realizing by now, these are no ordinary times. Countries are going bust economically. The consumption of earth’s resources seems to be moving at a non-sustainable pace. Democracy as we thought we knew it has  morphed into a contest of special interest groups. It is all a bit insane.  Many of my posts have been directed towards learning to follow our intuition. figuring things out doesn’t seem to be working.  It would not surprise you then to find me, after England ,to be attending Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI ambassador training program to make contact with E.T.’s  I Would like to say, ” just go to that website and read about what is happening.” I just returned from the week and it was compelling. read more »

More on 2012 Crop Circles

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Metatron 3d

On our way back from Oxford to Wiltshire just off the M-4, was this formation.  It took us a bit of navigating to find our way. We finally found it in a very flat field. It was quite large and on the ground almost impossible to tell what you were in. Yet walking inside spending time just being quiet was well worth it.  One school of thought is that these designs resonate with patterns deep in our psyche. So we can receive the benefit by looking at them and or walking amongst them gathering the energy.  Amazingly we were the only ones there. This image was taken from crop circle connector.

Later in the afternoon we were lucky enough to catch the sun shine and walk into this site. It had been mowed on the inside by the farmer as many of them are, but the energy is still there and as my microlight pilot showed me the ground can provide a ghost image the next year with a different crop. It seems that the new crop in the ghosted area has more vitality.  I took this shot from the air while in the microlight.    The shot on the left was also taken and right in the same area. more to come.

view from air microlight

Alton Barnes White horse location

What on Earth is This?

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Crop circles never cease to amaze. I cannot understand why more people are not drawn to these wonderful creations. Even here in England in the mother lode, Wiltshire, there are relatively few people drawn to them. In one sense they are like wonders of the world. Even if they are being done by people, the question is who and  what is compelling them, and why?  They are intricate and if done at night, which most  seem to be, how in the world can people make them with no mistakes?  From Crop Circle Connector here is the same circle as seen from the air.  We had to search for this one. A smart phone really helps.  You walk into these wonderful spaces and simply try not to think about anything. Maybe you feel like walking. Perhaps just  standing and gazing.  Or maybe  lying down and shutting your eyes. You are in a special energy. I like being in the mystery of it all. Next step a microlight flight to see these circles from the air. The country side here is idyllic and I do feel at home.  Can’t wait to see it from the air.

Manton Drove

There are people being drawn here with a variety of perspectives. Some have theories and are looking for evidence to support their ideas. Others are simply wanting to embrace the unknown energy: they are not obsessed with who, what or why.  I am drawn here this year because I feel  2012  represents a special energy watershed and the circles might be particularly interesting.

Just before quitting for the day we were told about another formation and were able to hike up a hill to see the following:

Wilshire formation as seen from hill top

It had just appeared. You can see the farmer and his tractor and the relative size gives you some idea the size.

Stay tuned. Would love to hear your comments.

Why The Crop Circles Make Such Perfect Sense

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Silbury Hill

Once you have started to seriously look at these designs and then hear the rationale for how they could have been made- by human means in the dark of the night, perfectly without any error you do question humans making them all, especially since many of the designs are so complex and many on over an acre.

From another point of view perhaps it doesn’t matter. They are exquisite aesthetically.  Whether they are instantly created by some other force or they are made by people who somehow feel compelled to do it, the ultimate influencing source, you may argue, is responsible for it either way.

To me the circles  represent communication from a higher intelligence gently and benignly expressing itself in a way we have not completely pieced together. It could be like a jig saw puzzle where every year pieces get added, and ultimately we will get the overall meaning.

These incredibly beautiful and often unbelievably complex formations have not created any panic in the public, nor have they received any really serious press. Perhaps it is  because the press requires neat and tidy stories, which these designs do not offer.  So why I say they make such perfect sense is that a higher form of intelligence would like to communicate in a way that draws the curious and does not panic the rest. That seems to be the case.

Aerial crop circle at Silbury Hill 2012

England is wet and chilly, but exhilarating. I have come to Avebury in Wiltshire and the first circle  found is opposite Silbury hill: it is famous for being the largest manmade hill in Europe. Every year for some unexplainable reason, the majority of circles have appeared in this Wiltshire region.

On the ground you really can’t  discern the design but you can experience the “energy of the field.” I carefully walked  into this simple but beautiful design,  and sat down.There was no dramatic experience but a feeling  of connectedness and serenity: my first contact had been made.

More circles will appear and I hope to get to them.

Inside Silbury Hill crop circle

Everyone Should Read This Interview

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Every once in awhile whether on the net, seeing a film, reading a book or magazine or simply having the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time we get a truly impactful piece of information.

This interview with Tony Robbins is one of those. Tony has mastered a good many endeavors in life and has been paid the really big bucks as a life coach. In these few paragraphs Tony seems to sum up a life time of experiences and the essence of what he believes really matters.

I have been writing about manifestation, intuition and synchronicities as thinking patterns. My stockbroker called me today and said “Hey I have just read this great blog in the Huffington Post on an interview with Tony Robbins.” I said, “What interesting timing, I am reading it right now.”  When I finished reading it I felt I needed to post simply urging people to read it.

Here are just a sample of Tony’s comments:

“Life supports what supports more of life.”

“A sense of service makes all else disappear.”

“What ever you give your brain to answer you will get an answer.”

“What makes people feel alive is a life of meaning. Pleasure is in the body. Happiness is in the mind.”

Check the whole interview out by going to:

Why Culture Can Be Our Enemy and How To Find The Truth

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What is real and what is not? Click for an example of illusion and wait for it to load in the top right hand corner.

Our culture produces a myriad of illusions which keep us from finding the truth.

I was once in a workshop with Terrence Mckenna, and he made this comment, ” Culture is your enemy.” The issue seems to be that culture is made up of a set of rules and regulations. We abide by these because we have learned that we can count on the effects of certain behaviors. For example we have laws with enforcement  and that makes life more certain and safer. But when we impose our ideas of how to live  and put a judgement on everything else that does not conform, that is where the trouble resides. People go along to get along, conform to norms so they will be accepted. If they get to far off of the reservation they will be ostracized or worse possibly even banished, and this is one of the greatest fears of all people-to be excluded. Yet at the same time it is the odd duck, the nut case, the geek or strange person who discovers the truth of a a new way which can help everyone. But how do we do this? How do we navigate to be our authentic self and not a threat to others? read more »

A Back Door To Meditation-A Lazy Man’s Approach

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The circle is a coded representation of pi to the 10th significant figure Photo: APEX PICTURES

One of the over riding themes today is the idea that with structural change taking place everywhere ( As opposed to cyclical change in which patterns simply seem to repeat) we need to find a practice to help us deal with it all. We cannot rely on normal channels to guide us. For example there seems to be more truth in the comedy channels than the so called legitimate news. The political debates seem to focus on the absurd. So we desperately need not just  guidance, but reliable guidance. Yet from where? read more »

Better Decision Making From The Pluto Orbit

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Just how curious am I? That is what makes life interesting-living life as a question.

If we just tune into the same sources of information, our universe will probably stay pretty much the same. We will think, act and feel much as we have always done. The trick is to consciously seek the new and novel. For example this last week I attended the International UFO Convention in Phoenix. My brother has always lived in tthis world and I said, “Ok, I’ll go with you.”

Your first thought might be “oh just a bunch of weird people on the fringe.”  But you could hardly be further from the truth. Instead you would have met a group of highly educated and curious people. Many who have had abduction experiences.  And as one abductee kidded, they are not interested in just “anybody.” Long gone is the idea of proving that aliens are real and amongst us. The data is everywhere. For example one of the most compelling speakers was Dr. Steven  Greer, a retired emergency room physician, who founded CSETI, the center for extraterrestrial intelligence.You will find this website filled with interesting and provocative information. A much richer and complex story is emerging about what alien contact has provided us scientifically already. Reliable sources seem to suggest that we have the knowledge to build free energy machines, but these technologies are not being revealed. Once you peruse this site and look at the data you may begin to ask, “Why are they here and what is their agenda?”

You might ask, if this is true then why has there not been disclosure? It seems that many reliable people have had first hand experience but events have conspired to keep the information secret. Yet now more than ever the planet needs the technology that has been with held. Of course there are skeptics and debunkers, but my point is that we should pay attention to information on the edge of mainstream and check it out for ourselves instead of simply being dissuaded by naysayers.

More on this topic in later posts.

Dejavu In Tallahassee

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I came back to visit and stay with good friends in a community I lived in beginning in the 4th grade. Tallahassee is one of those special cities in the world. It is a large University town  with probably 80,000 students in higher education, a state capital, and no heavy industry.  When I first came here, the population of the entire town was around 30,000. But it has kept it’s friendly feeling as a town rather than a city. The energy is healthy. It is not overrun with cars nor a sense of people being driven by a pace they cannot keep up with. I tried to speculate as to what percentage of my high school class had moved on after high school. I learned that over half stayed in Tallahassee. I can see why.

Quincie Hamby is truly a gifted jewelry designer who can dazzle a naked neck like nobody I know. She and her husband Billy (We were in the 4th grade together) hosted me and through a delightful book signing party.  Their son, Henry, had me address a gathering of students at his junior college.  It is fun to visit with friends whom you have not seen for aeons and about their  life journeys while talking to kids who are getting ready to set sail on theirs.

I have been reporting on synchronicities as a guide to us being in the flow and on the right path. Even days that seem devoid of anything note worthy usually contain these subtle undercurrents. Today was no exception. I thought that I wanted to buy and I pad, but frequently I find that I am a bit impulsive. The looming question was whether I really needed one.  I drove to Best Buy, went in, and then could find nobody to help me. I asked one clerk who said he wasn’t knowledgable. There was another but he was tied up with a customer. Everywhere I turned helpers were involved. Finally, I accepted the idea that this simply was more of an impulse than a true need. I owned a Mac Air book and a new I phone. Between the two my travel needs could be met quite adequately. And so, nobody to help confirmed to me that I really had not taken the time to think this all through.   I could have gotten upset, but I realized that perhaps something else was happening. Small setbacks or disappointments can quickly be seen for what they are, like trim tabs on an airplane, the fine adjustments to life that help us smooth out the ride.  I write a good bit about Invisible Partners in my book book released this year. In this case it was like being with a good friend who was saying, “Do you really need this?”

This year I will be on the road a good bit much of it open-ended, consciously paying attention to simply letting the journey unfold and making notes about it.

Tallahassee, has been a wonderful stop along the way.

2012 So Far. Is There A Quickening?

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I am in Honolulu now. It has been almost four years since I have been here. It is a time of catching up with friends from a past period.  Ghandi said we can never stand in the same river twice. Even though the geography remains familiar like the place you put your foot in the river, the river is not the same.  I am in another state of mind or consciousness and realized that with that state comes a corresponding way of  experiencing the familiar terrain.

See if it isn’t happening for you right now…  read more »

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