How Art Transcends Politics

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How Art Transcends Politics

I have been writing about serendipity, and lately have gotten a bit lazy in my writing regimen. However, last night I serendipitously was watching “Under African Skies” the story of how Paul Simon enabled art to do what it can magically do under the right circumstances.

This was a PBS special which told of how Simon in an effort to reach for a breakthrough idea fused the magic of South African music and the music of the West.  It culminated in the production of “Graceland,” an album which was transcendent in its nature. While accomplishing this musical miracle the law of unintended consequences reared its’ ugly head. He had failed to obtain the blessing of the ANC in their battle against apartheid. His comment was that he had not paid any attention to politics and he and his South African musicians were only interested in the magic of the artistry: in other words he was producing art for the sake of art not subjected to the control of politics and those who control politics. What happened? read more »

The View From The Miami Book Fair

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The many faces of Miami

I hadn’t been here in years. It is truly a blend of cultures. You feel like you’re in Latin America. You speak in English. The response is in Spanish.

I am attending the Miami Book Fair and writing workshops. Not  sure why I really came, but on paper I can give you plenty of rational answers. Curiosity is probably at the core. I have never been to one, and my friend,  Billy Gwynn,  has just finished a manuscript.  I am hopeful.  I have a book that needs a bit of a jump start . Maybe I can get re-energized.

Each night there is a prominent author  speaker. They  are all at the top of their game. Here’s the line up. read more »

Top Review From Joyce Anthony of “Books and Authors”

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A "Six Colors of The Rainbow Review

I wrote a book about manifestation as a decision making mode and I am posting Joyce’s full review because she succinctly describes the books from a reviewer’s viewpoint .

Monday, March 14, 2011

How Frank Lloyd Wright got Into My Head…by Sandy Sims — A Review
Who decides your destiny?  Ultimately, the Universe works as a partner with us to manifest the things we want.  In How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin and Changed the Way I Think About Thinking, author Sandy Sims takes readers on a journey of self-discovery–his own and theirs.  Having an idea inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Sandy sets out to make that idea a reality.  Along the way, he meets many teachers and learns lessons we often don’t stop and listen for.  Determined to realize his dream, regardless of how impractical it may have appeared, Mr. Sims learned how the Universe strives to work with us to help us realize our full potential and our ability to create what we seek.

The companion workbook, Creative Thinking for the 21st Century:  An Experiential Guidebook, walks readers through the steps of discovering what they really want from life, clearing the blocks along the path and realizing that each of us has the power to create our own realities.

Why does the book get such high marks? read more »

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