Is It Coincidence, Just A Nice Thing, Or Manifestation?

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Random or Related?

Today more than ever, I think the idea is  to consciously pay attention to the subtle things.  I call this creative thinking in the largest sense. Get used to recognizing that an organizing force is behind these developments. It may be more you than you think at first glance.  For example  I have currently been  staying with my brother and his partner. She and I both have come down with a mild flu. In the process she asked me yesterday  if I would go by the health food store and pick up some bulk camomile. Having rrived I found that the bulk container was completely out.  Later that day I ran into a lady friend who said, ” I hear that your household is looking for some bulk camomile. I was at the health food store and found that the camomile had been misclassified and was in a different location. Here is a bag for you.”  At one level, you could say that this was  just somebody being nice, somebody learning that we were looking for something and then purposely taking on the challenge to find it.  This goes on all of the time in everybody’s lives. Most of the time if we are the recipients, we say, “Thank you,” and give it no more thought.

I think the message is this: read more »

Begin to Save Yourself

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What happens when there is blood in the water?

It takes conscious decision making to think for yourself and to begin to see that things are not what they seem to be. The fish in this photo look to be docile enough. With a drop of blood in the water, they turn into ferocious killers. That is clear. The danger can be foreseen.

During world war one there was the hideous use of mustard gas. It could not be easily seen, and then before one knew it troops were gagging  to a hideous death.  It was so horrible that nations came together to ban it as a form of warfare.  Are we now seeing a more sophisticated form of the same? read more »

Am I In A State of Pertubation?

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Moving towards pertubation

I have been writing about many factors which affect the way we think and act in our greater decision making arena.  In this regard  I have classified  many of the ideas as forms of creative thinking. My psychiatrist friend told me once that what her profession really does is seek to offer more useful points of view than her patients possess.

Einstein basically said that we cannot solve the great problems with the same degree of consciousness that we used to create them. The question, how do we acquire that consciousness? read more »

I Don’t Go To Church Anymore

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This is a comment I heard at a restaurant the other night. It was a decision the woman had made as a result of seeing organized religion through the dark lens of control, power, and agendas which were probably not motivated by the intent of its own teachers.  I have been writing about creativity and decision making and open mindedness as we do it on the larger meta level. One of the cross currents we are all facing is the issue of how much we depend upon others and how much we depend upon ourselves. In another arena this is being played out in the role of religion versus spirituality.

I try to stay away from commenting too much about current events, politics, or finance. There are plenty of gurus offering all kinds of analysis. Yet you may have observed that regardless of your persuasions a few things are obvious. Our established institutions are up against their limits. Whether it is in economics, health, climate change, preventing nuclear accidents, or the presence of aliens there is a sense that events are moving beyond our ability to simply control them as we have been able to do in the past.

The role of religion has been very helpful in that it has brought order and a brightness of the future for many. It has provided a moral code, mandated ways to treat one another and promised a wonderful afterlife. It is a salvation for many who simply have had no other way to cope.

On the other hand religion has also been hijacked in many cases by militants, those who believe that their dogged way is the best or only way.  It has become institutionalized, militarized, and politicized. Yet no matter how it has been used to promote power, ideology, or other forms of control there has been one casualty: it  has discouraged  the idea that you have a direct connection and are more empowered than you can imagine. There is always an intermediary in the form of a priest, minister, or other who stands between you and your creator and interprets exactly what that relationship is.

These particular times now suggest that religion alone is not enough. If not what is? read more »

Where The New Medicine Is Taking Us

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using biofeedback and light therapy

Years ago I asked an M.D where the future of medicine was taking us. He said, “No doubt about it-energetics-the use of light, sound, and electricity.” We cannot endlessly stack the human body with one drug after another and know and predict what will happen. Some of the biggest decisions in our life will be made around healing treatments. I am not advocating by passing a doctor at all. What I am suggesting is the idea that there are emerging forms of both diagnosis and help which can be extremely beneficial, supplementing or even replacing suggested therapies.

With biofeedback the idea is that our bodies can tell the practitioner where the problem resides in the body. Royal Rife years ago with a very powerful microscope was able to see pathogens under the microscope. He found that all pathogens have a mortal oscillating rate. that is the rate which they would die. This rate was reflected in a light frequency which when subjected to the pathogen would kill it. read more »

In Search of Electrons

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Electron heaven

This blog as you know by now is about finding new thinking patterns,  questioning what is considered to be the norm, and thinking about creativity and decision making from another perspective.  in the last month and a half I have been on a medical and healing journey. In the process I have been following what I write about which is to pay attention to my intuition, keep my antenna up, and look for the environment to talk back to me with synchroniciities.

Because I found that by using light, electricity and other alternative resources; my larger cancerous tumors upon MRI guided biopsy turned out to be benign. Relief was hardly the word for it. Could I say exactly what did it? No, but it doesn’t matter. The path has simply guided me into this new area. One in which we can learn to benefit from electricity, light, and magnetism to assist our healing process.  I ran a across a book at my brother’s house by Jerry Tennant, M.D. called “Healing is Voltage.” He is among a band of new doctors who are emerging to tell us that it is time to re assess the western medical paradigm at least with regard to chronic conditions. He says that the current paradigm assumes that when an organ is failing it can only be affected by finding a chemical (drug) to make it work or to remove it surgically. Is there another way to look at all of this? read more »

Would You Like to Have Some Good News?

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I have to admit I am a curious soul and bad news makes me click to see what happened. Unfortunately it usually does me little or no good. It is mostly on the tragedy of the economy, politics or health.

Good news however can be found in Ode Magazine.

I just watched a webcast sponsored by Ode Magazine, billing itself as the online community for intelligent optimists and decided to subscribe to their magazine afterwards.

The webcast was on Johan Boswinkel, the inventor of a light machine that promises to revolutionize the way we cope with disease. The machine helps you talk to your own body with regard to geting to the bottom of what ails you. It is fascinating. Check it out.

What To Do If You Need Money

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Mother Meera

What To Do If You Need Money!

Most of the time when we are in this state we are pretty needy. I have been there. Part of the purpose of my blogs is to help everyone including me get clear about this process. What dose the decision making and creative thinking approach model for this look like? How will our intuition help? read more »

How Following Intuition and Synchronicity Can Pay Off-Really!

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Gee, what happened?

I have been writing about conscious decision making focused  around synchronicity and intuition. I suggest that this is creative thinking in the meta sense because we may not consciously be  used to acting on these urges and signs.

Here is what I mean. read more »

Why Take A Break From Striving for Self Improvement Or Memories of an Ayahusca Journey.

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Ayahusca cooking

I know this sounds strange in a world where we quest  to improve, but some times that striving just  gets in the way of  being present and allowing an appreciation of what is around us. We move from moment to moment, marshalling the myriad of  information coming at us, and then we decide. Sometimes the priorities are already set and we just move through the day trying to check everything off. Our decision making is set, and we simply hope to get it all done.

I scanned the few news services I read regularly today  and realized that it is truly a mad mad world and perhaps always has been.  But we,  courtesy of technology, are experiencing it in ever increasing does with bewildering effects.

Today I was thinking, “What shall I write about?” Since nothing was appearing, I  realized that that was quite ok.  We can all get caught in our “doing” state and lose site of  the “being” state. In just such a blank moment I recalled the profound experience I had had on Ayahuasca years ago and knew that was my writing assignment for the day. Here is what I found out. read more »

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