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How Much Square Footage Do We Need For Living?

By Sandy Sims / December 16, 2017

In making decisions in our lives and using a bit of creative thinking one of the issues that we face as we scale down is how much space do we need to fully enjoy ourselves. Years ago I had a chance to go into probably forty or more Frank Lloyd Wright Structures while working on […]


What To Do If A Big Idea Is Tugging At You: The Two Edged Sword.

By Sandy Sims / December 16, 2017

This is often one of the biggest decisions we have to make from time to time. It calls for all of our creative and intuitive decision making courage. Often it is a very powerful urge to go and do something like be a teacher in a foreign country or pursue a  compelling idea that you have no […]


Finally, Some Real News! Think About The Implications!

By Sandy Sims / November 28, 2017

In the past UFO’s, ET’s, aliens etc. have been marginalized. At this very moment people are stepping forward with evidence that cannot be denied. But ordinary people, even those with high credibility have been discounted. Things have just changed!! Here is a truly profound statement. It is something that you might  have heard, but this […]


More on 2012 Crop Circles

By Sandy Sims / July 11, 2012

On our way back from Oxford to Wiltshire just off the M-4, was this formation.  It took us a bit of navigating to find our way. We finally found it in a very flat field. It was quite large and on the ground almost impossible to tell what you were in. Yet walking inside spending […]


Frank Lloyd Wright Dejavu

By Sandy Sims / May 28, 2012

I am on the road now and visiting the town I grew up in, Tallahassee. Today with Billy Gwynn I am standing in front of the Lewis house here in Tallahassee. It is abandoned and in total disrepair. How sad. Billy  and I grew up together and had the privilege of building an original Frank […]


Seeking Pleasant Surprises

By Sandy Sims / February 21, 2012

I went on a whirlwind four day trip to leave some of my mom’s ashes in her favorite city, Paris. I am traveling a lot these days and one exercise I find extremely useful and rewarding is to seek pleasant surprises and acknowledge them as they occur. A pleasant surprise is just that. Of course […]


Where in the World Are We Going?

By Sandy Sims / June 18, 2011

We are living in such sensational times whether  political, economic, social or environmental that it is difficult to grasp the consequences. One thing for sure that will be happening is that our creative thinking will look for ways to make it more palatable and force us to become more open minded about where it is […]


The Other Taliesin at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home

By Sandy Sims / November 17, 2010

If one is invited back of the main buildings at Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona,  you will find yourself  walking a road or trails through the dessert landscape as it has existed for thousands of years. The entire Taliesin compound sits on 600 acres.  Out here one  will find the homes of long time members […]


How Art Stimulates Creative Thinking

By Sandy Sims / October 19, 2010

In a seminal article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “America’s Looming Creativity Crisis” by Richard Florida Oct 01, 2004 his opening remark was, “The strength of the American economy does not rest on its manufacturing prowess, its natural resources, or the size of its market. It turns on one factor–the country’s openness to new ideas.” Skip forward […]