A Message From Sandy Sims About the
21 Steps Ebook He is Giving Away FREE

Who Am I
After a  midlife crisis while building what was to become one of Hawaii’s largest advertising agencies I found myself thrust into the world of consciousness exploration.  I found that much of what had happened in my life which I had attributed to just plain good luck was perhaps… something else.

From that point, as a novice, I began to consciously practice the ideas of manifestation and to take note of how, who and what showed up.

During this journey I was to encounter remarkable people including Kahunas, an astronaut, apprentices to Frank Lloyd Wright, founders of the Findhorn Spiritual Community and many other such like minded people.

Why I am sharing this information

As our lives progress I feel we all have an obligation to pass on useful information not so much that we have heard about from others,  but that we have experienced first hand.

“Twenty One Ideas And Practices  That Will Profoundly Change Your Life Now” is a short compilation  of simple but game changing concepts. It is Free. I can promise that any of these suggestions taken to heart will make life smoother.

Sandy Sims has assembled 21 Ideas that you can implement in your life – which can make profoundly change your life… to make it even better.

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