Using Metaphysical Guides To Help Sort Out Life’s Adventures.

I often hear people bunk astrology, numerology, and the mystical predictors. It may be true that they are not accurate in the microcosm of daily life, but  I tend to like the macro picture.  It seems to be more accurate than inaccurate. We do exist in huge energy fields and the pattern of energy at the moment we were born seems like it could have some influence on us.  There are always those whom say that there is not scientific energy to give credibility. Yet absence of proof is not proof of absence.

So if the possibilities of harmonious alignments are valid, then what would be the harm in accepting them as so?  I recently planned a two month trip which was influenced by my astrocartography chart.  This is map of Geographical influences based upon astrology. My chart said that favorable influences existed in both Cape Town and Buenos Aires.  If I chose to go to these areas more compatibility and positive enhancements might present themselves. So if I were indifferent to any number of locations on my list and it turned out the astrocartography predictions might be more right than wrong, why not align with the potential.

One of the locations that was advantageous for me was Buenos Aires, sometimes referred to as the New York of South America.  I had a friend, Fabian,  there and must admit that right away that made a great difference.  It was to be my stopover going to and returning from Cape Town. I wanted to see how the city felt.  And as we all know, we simply resonate with certain places .

So what did I find out?

When I go somewhere, be it a city or a neighborhood in a city, I sense how this area feels.  If it feels good I want to stay and find out more. If it doesn’t I can’t wait to get out.

On the leg down I was staying in San Telmo, the oldest district, filled with French Architecture. I could easily have been in Paris. The remodeled small hotel was on a narrow street. The sidewalk was in need of repair, an affliction common to lots of Buenos Aires. On Sunday the San Telmo flea market is exquisite, with street vendors, and shops carrying everything from art deco fixtures and furniture to all kinds of European bric a brac. A few blocks from my hotel the Avenida Cinco de Mayo, a major tree lined avenue with outdoor cafés and shops bustled in the day time. At night there was a feeling not of danger, but an edge, as if you just needed to stay alert.

An air of sophistication is present in the city. I wondered down to Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest avenue in the world to the Teatro Colon, the grand opera hall. It bustles but feels manageable. In the evening I headed to the Puerta La Boca, the old port, being renovated into upscale restaurants, living spaces etc.

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