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Come And Be A Kid Again

Posted in Thinking Patterns on March 25th, 2013 by Sandy – Be the first to comment

This was the headline my partner, Rich, wrote for an advertising account which put on county fairs. It was written years ago when we were in the ad game.  I woke up this morning with this mantra reverberating in my mind. I realized how important it was, and like a dream that you can remember while coming out of the reverie state, the details of the dream will be gone in a flash if you don’t consciously catch them. I lay there trying to imagine all of the things that used to go through my mind at various ages.  But most importantly I tried to remember what I thought about when I was free to imagine and to  just check it out.  Let me stop here because it is at the interface of being a responsible member of the culture, setting family and grownup responsibilities aside, and just being free that I want to re-visit.

It is to this interface or portal  to which I want to return, because it is at this juncture that we are herded away and  into the dictates of our world. We stop  investigating that other portal. Once we start down the path of adult learning and  responsibilities our minds become absorbed with just how to do this. We are eager to learn what the new rules are, because not learning them seems to deliver pain. We want to belong and have fun, and we don’t know where the limits of our freedom ends and adult behavior begins.  We learn manners, how to dress, what to say; in short we learn what our parents, teachers, and other grown ups tell us we must do. Then of course we observe that some of us have more or less than others. We observe kindness, strictness, and meanness. There is more. read more »

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