Why You Might Want To Investigate The E.T. World

Majestic Mt. Shasta

I am sure by now many of my friends think that I have gone completely bonkers.  But part of what I have been writing about is to check things out personally you find interesting or compelling. I  spent two months in the crop circles in Wiltshire, England and found them quite compelling. Some are saying that up to 80% of them are man made. Exactly how eludes me. I don’t know how anyone can do these things in the dark and get them perfectly executed. But for talking purposes say that 80% is correct. That leaves 20%, a sizable number. I imagined that were I from another dimension crop circles would be the perfect way to begin a dialogue. They appear, some extremely complex, leaving us to ponder the mathematical, spiritual, and message in the designs. Yet they feel benign. Maybe they affect us with archetypal patterns meant to  connect at the cellular level.  I found the most astonishing thing to be how little these creations are really noticed by the locals living there. They are passed off as creations of nutty people.  Yet as we all are realizing by now, these are no ordinary times. Countries are going bust economically. The consumption of earth’s resources seems to be moving at a non-sustainable pace. Democracy as we thought we knew it has  morphed into a contest of special interest groups. It is all a bit insane.  Many of my posts have been directed towards learning to follow our intuition. figuring things out doesn’t seem to be working.  It would not surprise you then to find me, after England ,to be attending Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI ambassador training program to make contact with E.T.’s  I Would like to say, ” just go to that website and read about what is happening.” I just returned from the week and it was compelling.

If you think about it,   there hasn’t been a Hollywood movie since “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” which has painted a peaceful encounter. And yet were that the true motive anyone who can figure out how to traverse the immense distances of outer space certainly possesses the capability of having their way with us were that the agenda. So what is going on? For starters our technology seems to have outpaced our consciousness. It might not be surprising to imagine that we have been sharing our planet along time with life forms in other dimensions who would be severely affected by a nuclear war.  Also let’s assume that the next phase of human development is to learn how to traverse space just as the ET community does it. Their technology under peaceful conditions would be available. So I found myself signing up to be an ambassador.  Check it out for yourself.

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