How Those Invisible Partners Can Save The Day

SFO United check in when computer was down

I always try to go to the airport early, sometimes a couple of hours early so as to have time for the unforeseen. It came in spades. I was coming up to Seattle, the Emerald City,  to celebrate my birthday.  Also Seattle is in technicolor for two months out of the year and this is one of them.  However, when I got to the San Francisco airport this picture  gives you an idea of the the total chaos. The main computer was down so nobody could get a boarding pass. I had had an hour buffer so was hopeful in the beginning, but that soon evaporated.  I realized it might turn out to be a long long wait to finally get a flight.  Slowly the counter began to process people. The lines were snaking back and forth and I was calculating that I was an hour, perhaps longer, no real chance. I had an I phone and was trying to access my flight info to see if I could get a bar code boarding pass. No luck but I did have my record locator. For some reason I stuck my phone up in the air and pointed to it. A counter attendant saw me and waived me through the snaking line, perhaps thinking I had my bar code boarding pass and just needed to check my bag.  I gave her the phone. She quickly accessed some magic screen on her computer, pushed a button, gave me a boarding pass and took my bag. Next was the other ordeal we all know so well, the TSA gauntlet,  but I had forward momentum. Disheveled but determined I scampered  to my plane just as my section was being called to board.

In one sense you could say there was nothing remarkable about this “break.”  They happen to us all, all of the time. As you know I have been writing about how I like to think we have a partnership, a camp of followers on the other side, whose job it is to help move us along in certain directions. I like to believe that when we recognize this, we strengthen the connection, and the process occurs more frequently. In that sense we are in the flow. I don’t believe there are any definitive studies on this so we are gathering the data as we go,  and in blogs like this we can share the info.

Are events like this happening for you?  I would love to hear.

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