Why Are So Few Paying Attention To These Crop Circles?

crop circles makers

I know this is a bit tongue and cheek, and no doubt lots of crop circles are made by people with planks, some openly taking credit for them. But a large number of them simply defy any logical explanation.  I find so many people even those living in the heartland of Wiltshire, willing to accept the idea that these are all made by people. I can say one thing definitely. I would like to meet the people responsible for some of the complex patterns. I used to run an ad agency and anybody familiar with  design knows that even with a perfect design, how to actually get it made on the ground would be a logistical feat, and in some cases, pure genius. not to mention the complication of doing it at night. Many of these patterns are extremely large. We are talking in the hundreds of yards.

So what’s the answer?  I think you will find that those following the phenomena seriously have come to the conclusion that for some of the designs, “we just don’t know.”

People usually don’t want to think about things that are unexplainable. In a way it interferes with everyday life.  I say it is good to be curious, to ask the questions of who and why. By engaging in the process we begin to attract the answers: maybe not right away but we have put the process into play, and if enough of us do it with intent then we may all be surprised. The very act of being drawn in this direction may in itself  a form of communication that we simply do not understand.  Yet, but may be be a higher intelligence gently drawing us towards something we need to find out about.

For example if you want to see one explanation go to  this site on You tube. You will find the light balls  fascinating.


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