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Why The Crop Circles Make Such Perfect Sense

Posted in Discoveries, Thinking Patterns, travel on June 25th, 2012 by Sandy – Be the first to comment

Silbury Hill

Once you have started to seriously look at these designs and then hear the rationale for how they could have been made- by human means in the dark of the night, perfectly without any error you do question humans making them all, especially since many of the designs are so complex and many on over an acre.

From another point of view perhaps it doesn’t matter. They are exquisite aesthetically.  Whether they are instantly created by some other force or they are made by people who somehow feel compelled to do it, the ultimate influencing source, you may argue, is responsible for it either way.

To me the circles  represent communication from a higher intelligence gently and benignly expressing itself in a way we have not completely pieced together. It could be like a jig saw puzzle where every year pieces get added, and ultimately we will get the overall meaning.

These incredibly beautiful and often unbelievably complex formations have not created any panic in the public, nor have they received any really serious press. Perhaps it is  because the press requires neat and tidy stories, which these designs do not offer.  So why I say they make such perfect sense is that a higher form of intelligence would like to communicate in a way that draws the curious and does not panic the rest. That seems to be the case.

Aerial crop circle at Silbury Hill 2012

England is wet and chilly, but exhilarating. I have come to Avebury in Wiltshire and the first circle  found is opposite Silbury hill: it is famous for being the largest manmade hill in Europe. Every year for some unexplainable reason, the majority of circles have appeared in this Wiltshire region.

On the ground you really can’t  discern the design but you can experience the “energy of the field.” I carefully walked  into this simple but beautiful design,  and sat down.There was no dramatic experience but a feeling  of connectedness and serenity: my first contact had been made.

More circles will appear and I hope to get to them.

Inside Silbury Hill crop circle

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