Everyone Should Read This Interview

Every once in awhile whether on the net, seeing a film, reading a book or magazine or simply having the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time we get a truly impactful piece of information.

This interview with Tony Robbins is one of those. Tony has mastered a good many endeavors in life and has been paid the really big bucks as a life coach. In these few paragraphs Tony seems to sum up a life time of experiences and the essence of what he believes really matters.

I have been writing about manifestation, intuition and synchronicities as thinking patterns. My stockbroker called me today and said “Hey I have just read this great blog in the Huffington Post on an interview with Tony Robbins.” I said, “What interesting timing, I am reading it right now.”  When I finished reading it I felt I needed to post simply urging people to read it.

Here are just a sample of Tony’s comments:

“Life supports what supports more of life.”

“A sense of service makes all else disappear.”

“What ever you give your brain to answer you will get an answer.”

“What makes people feel alive is a life of meaning. Pleasure is in the body. Happiness is in the mind.”

Check the whole interview out by going to:


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