Why Culture Can Be Our Enemy and How To Find The Truth

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Our culture produces a myriad of illusions which keep us from finding the truth.

I was once in a workshop with Terrence Mckenna, and he made this comment, ” Culture is your enemy.” The issue seems to be that culture is made up of a set of rules and regulations. We abide by these because we have learned that we can count on the effects of certain behaviors. For example we have laws with enforcement  and that makes life more certain and safer. But when we impose our ideas of how to live  and put a judgement on everything else that does not conform, that is where the trouble resides. People go along to get along, conform to norms so they will be accepted. If they get to far off of the reservation they will be ostracized or worse possibly even banished, and this is one of the greatest fears of all people-to be excluded. Yet at the same time it is the odd duck, the nut case, the geek or strange person who discovers the truth of a a new way which can help everyone. But how do we do this? How do we navigate to be our authentic self and not a threat to others?As a former advertising executive I believe the first realization is that we may do and believe because we respond to classic disinformation theory. That occurs when a powerful interest, usually for economic reasons, tends to deny or discredit a piece of information with such conviction that if no new evidence surfaces, the cognoscenti or those supposedly in the know such as our opinion leaders can dismiss it with a comment like , “Oh we’ve checked that out long ago and since there is no new evidence we’ve concluded that this or that is probably a hoax or not true. And if you persist in investigating this for yourself you are obviously uninformed and you would not like to be thought of in that way would you?”

As I mentioned awhile back  I had attended the 2012 International UFO conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Now the word UFO is a label that in our culture seems to  connote a weird group of people who are chasing around after things that probably don’t exist or there is another rationale explanation. Yet much to my surprise the evidence and calibre of people there suggested that alien worlds are not only real, but that we have  been rewarded with highly advanced technology from them that has been kept under wraps for economic reasons. Yet with the advent of the internet and the ability to spread the word virally we will see this year many come forward to talk about these discoveries including the ability to make “free energy,” which would be a real game changer. The theme of one of the speakers, Dr. Steven Greer, was to help distribute their film on this topic when it is finished at the end of the year. When generals and medical doctors are presenting this kind of dialogue one takes notice. I felt motivated, to do something, as if I had come to the right meeting almost serendipitously.

Now my point here is not to convince anyone of my  view but to say that we must be willing to check things out for ourselves. Today so much is taken at face value with so little real investigation that we have begun to deduce truth from sound bites and rash statements. Yet it is the contrarian, the one who swims against the current who questions and proceeds who ultimately finds a new reality.

So as I stated above how do we find out what is true?

I believe that the first thing we must do is to simply ask, better yet, demand to know the truth of the situation. That is not something we direct at others but to our higher self. It is a question we ask with intent, trusting and knowing that in due time the truth will reveal itself to us. However,  we must be willing to follow our intuition, hunches, inner self and to go where that takes us.  It may not be a linear path of discovery, but one filled with synchronicities, serendipity, and magic.  It is not perhaps a path of comfort, but there is a reward to the inquisitive mind willing to operate in this fashion, and it is rapidly becoming the new modus operandi.

I would love to hear your comments on this topic.

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