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Where is the interface between what we plan and create and what we allow?

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I find this one of the most perplexing of all challenges. On the one hand there is a case to be made for staying extremely mindful and simply allowing our impulses to guide us.  These might be training wheels for the idea that as time appears to speed up we have to trust and field what comes our way. Then we use our creative juices, and mind, to deal with what is in front of us.

I find this perhaps one of the biggest challenges. Drives me crazy.

If you know what you need, such as a source of income, or better health, or improved relationships then of course set your mind on seeing this happen and then pay attention to your intuition to help you make the choices that present themselves. Yet if it all is a bit hazy, then the exercise gets really challenging.

I once spent several weeks with Peter Caddy, the co-founder of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. At the time he was travelling and was absolutely penniless, simply depending on intuitive guidance to get him through each day. I asked him how that was. He said, “ Maddening.” I felt that what Peter was practicing was the extreme case of simply being 100% in the flow for everything, a truly difficult space. For most of us we have a bit more luxury. We know where our next meal is coming from and a good bit of how the day will be structured.

Yet for those who have the luxury of not worrying about money this is the ideal time to mindfully set yourself up to be much more in a state of allowance, noting what comes up and what then you are using your energy to accomplish. I don’t say that this is actually easy, because we are used to a high degree of structure in our lives.

I just spoke to a friend of mine today who needed $35,000 to pay taxes. He is a day trader but normally does not expose himself to that many contracts, meaning that usually he makes or loses $2,000 to $3,000 during a day.  He told me that for some reason he just decided to take a much large exposure. He allowed that feeling to guide him.  He earned the $35,000 he needed. He said he even thought about more and asked me how I thought it would have gone. My thoughts were that he needed the $35,000. Beyond that I feel the deck might have been stacked against him.

What do you think?

Why Culture Can Be Our Enemy and How To Find The Truth

Posted in Discoveries, Thinking Patterns on April 3rd, 2012 by Sandy – Be the first to comment

What is real and what is not? Click for an example of illusion and wait for it to load in the top right hand corner.

Our culture produces a myriad of illusions which keep us from finding the truth.

I was once in a workshop with Terrence Mckenna, and he made this comment, ” Culture is your enemy.” The issue seems to be that culture is made up of a set of rules and regulations. We abide by these because we have learned that we can count on the effects of certain behaviors. For example we have laws with enforcement  and that makes life more certain and safer. But when we impose our ideas of how to live  and put a judgement on everything else that does not conform, that is where the trouble resides. People go along to get along, conform to norms so they will be accepted. If they get to far off of the reservation they will be ostracized or worse possibly even banished, and this is one of the greatest fears of all people-to be excluded. Yet at the same time it is the odd duck, the nut case, the geek or strange person who discovers the truth of a a new way which can help everyone. But how do we do this? How do we navigate to be our authentic self and not a threat to others? read more »

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