A Back Door To Meditation-A Lazy Man’s Approach

The circle is a coded representation of pi to the 10th significant figure Photo: APEX PICTURES

One of the over riding themes today is the idea that with structural change taking place everywhere ( As opposed to cyclical change in which patterns simply seem to repeat) we need to find a practice to help us deal with it all. We cannot rely on normal channels to guide us. For example there seems to be more truth in the comedy channels than the so called legitimate news. The political debates seem to focus on the absurd. So we desperately need not just  guidance, but reliable guidance. Yet from where?

I mentioned in my last post that I had been to the 2012 International UFO conference in Phoenix . It was a delightfully rewarding experience. Excellent heartfelt speakers. One over riding theme coming from many of them was that now is the time to put a meditation practice into our daily routines. Why, because, at the level of the great unconscious we all seem to be connected, and this is where the our very  next steps seem to reside. Mediation for me simply means finding a place to quiet or still the “monkey mind.” So virtually anyway we can accomplish this gets the job done.

I like what James Joyce had to say in his book, “Portrait of An Artist,”  about art as a vehicle  for arresting the mind. He said that there were two kinds of art, kinetic, which inspired movement and static art which arrested one. The latter he called the highest form of art.  So what ever you choose to look at that can do this is well worth it.

One of the more fascinating art forms that keeps emerging are the ever complex crop circles that are appearing all over the world annually but predominantly in southern England. I find that the most amazing unique qualities of these is that  I have yet to see one of these designs that is not beautiful to look at. Some of the speculation is that it is a gentle way for higher intelligence to be making contact with us at this time. It has been going on now for some thirty years, but basically is ignored by the mainstream media. Yet I find that I want to check things out for myself. So I urge you to do the same. Just Google “Crop Circles” and look at the patterns. Amazing.

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