2012 So Far. Is There A Quickening?


I am in Honolulu now. It has been almost four years since I have been here. It is a time of catching up with friends from a past period.  Ghandi said we can never stand in the same river twice. Even though the geography remains familiar like the place you put your foot in the river, the river is not the same.  I am in another state of mind or consciousness and realized that with that state comes a corresponding way of  experiencing the familiar terrain.

See if it isn’t happening for you right now… 

I was having lunch with my former wife, Susanne and her former business partner, Maureen. We were talking about 2012 and all of the predictions. Susanne said she had just heard a profound comment:  our ability to manifest is directly proportionate to our capacity to love and being particularly conscious of this would be an interesting way to embrace and track  the year’s personal experiences.

In reflecting on people from the past we  commented on how much we had  enjoyed a mutual friend, Jesse, and how nice it would be to see him. He was always on the frontier of the new and novel.  After lunch, we were waiting for the elevator at the 2nd level of a local mall. As it opened there was Jesse. We laughed. No sooner had we talked about wanting to see Jesse, there he was.

Having just spent ten  days with dear friends on the Big Island and  taking care of a real estate sale as well as  shedding and storing “stuff,”  I reflected  on events,  and they seemed to have come together as smoothly as  zipping up a well oiled zipper. They were not big things, but they could have been were they to have gone the wrong way.

I think that the most difficult challenge for me is to be mindful of what is gaining my attention and not to dwell too long on bad news, conflict, and turmoil which is the daily diet of the media. Secondly, when even the simplest of events like running into Jesse occur, I want to take a moment to connect the dots and say, “Yes.”

While these are small parts of existence being aware of them not only creates strength in the face of uncertainty, but adds  excitement when we see them happen. I would love to hear whether you are noticing these small daily occurrences and in this state of mind realizing that they are happening faster.

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