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2012 So Far. Is There A Quickening?

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I am in Honolulu now. It has been almost four years since I have been here. It is a time of catching up with friends from a past period.  Ghandi said we can never stand in the same river twice. Even though the geography remains familiar like the place you put your foot in the river, the river is not the same.  I am in another state of mind or consciousness and realized that with that state comes a corresponding way of  experiencing the familiar terrain.

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Reinvention of Myself

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The uncertain road

I am on the road again. This time my first stop is Ventura, California to visit a long time friend. He urged me to go see the latest film out called “THE ARTIST.”  We can all see films differently. For my pal, he was captivated by the uniqueness of the film’s communication mode- no dialogue, yet fascinating. I saw it from another perspective. I was reminded of the need for PATIENCE.  We live in an instant gratification oriented world, where computers and smart phones give us instant information and answers.  Yet in this movie the star’s role is a metaphor for the perils of resistance to change. Success in a dying art left him depressed as he realized his accomplishments and recognition were from a dying art. The ensuing period shows him in the depressing “chaos of creation,” that never never land where we just don’t know ihow what is next will all come together. I won’t give away the story any further in that it is an excellent film. Why it is important to me is that in-between periods are like being in between stations on the radio frequencies. There is static and no clear signal. I like to think the universe is busy filling our orders. In the movie our hero is about to do himself in because he is losing patience with the process and sees no end to his misery.  He is on the vertical climb of a stairway trying to find the level ground of the next step.

So Patience seems to be the antidote. Our hero reinvents himself when all seems lost, and that seems often to be the case especially in these times.  I think the difficult part is to keep plugging away knowing that forces are at work to deliver what we have ordered.

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