Five Things To Think About Now

I have been attending a circle on conscious evolution sponsored by Barbara Marx Hubbard. The thrust of this is that we are perhaps in the most profound time of recorded human history (that we know about). it is referred to as a cross over period in which we are birthing a new consciousness. What that means is that we do not know exactly what is coming next. Just about everybody I meet feels that we are not in just in ordinary times but extra ordinary times.

There are so many choices now with the expansion of the internet as a news media and the proliferation of devices especially the smartphone. What this does is increase the connectivity but it also means that a much of what I don’t want or need can also impact me. Basically it translates into the apparent speed up of time. I find that I have to practice what  I write about which is to trust my intuition and get more and more used to it as the primary guide. This is a conscious and critical thinking choice.

We don’t seem to get much training in critical thinking. What I mean by that is not just how to solve problems but the whole idea of what to think about in the first place. Ask yourself if the way you are spending your time is enhancing your well being or detracting from it. If the latter think about changing.

Here are five ideas I try to  employ now.

(1)  Make feelings my goals.  If am  feeling happy, resourceful, and healthy then what is happening on the outside is manageable. Things as goals are only a means to feelings. Think about it.

(2)  Realize that as things speed up I  shall need to journey inside for answers. Find quiet time to meditate. Learn to trust my intuition. Practice.  Even if the outcome seems to be awful in the short run it may have delivered me to just the right place. Be patient.

(3) Become more familiar with synchronicities. These are meaningful coincidences. We live in a much more complex world than we can even imagine. But we are given glimpses of how other realities intersect and can help us. These are like signs which tell us we are on the right or wrong path.

(4) Simplify and lighten up my life. If I have too many things and obligations, then the things and obligations start running my life. I used to have no storage space. now I have storage lockers or containers in three cities. I’m working on reducing this. The old paradigm was “Time is money.” The new paradigm is, “Money is time.” If I have too much stuff and obligations then I will constantly be using the new wealth to manage those demands. Is that what I really want to do?

(5) Make technology my friend. it is our way of being ever more connected and included.

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