Are You In The Flow?

The more I read about politics and finance the more I see that the experts have no idea how everything will shake out. They  have cogent and persuasive logic and then conclusions which make so much sense. Yet, there most assuredly is the “X” factor, which is not in their equation  which alters the course of their reality.  This ” x” factor is just that. It is not known. So what do we do and how does this affect our decision making?

I have been writing about getting in touch with our intuition, paying attention to synchronicites, and trying to get into the flow. The idea of course is that we are part of a larger reality that is constantly trying to make contact with us through these means. I feel the name of the game is to look for and improve the contact on a daily basis.

So over the last few weeks I have had some examples. They are not big or for the most part even recognizable unless you are looking for them and then consciously see them for just that. Here they are. See if you can jot down the same for yourself.

Returning to the airport in San Francisco I had felt an urge  to give myself way more time than I really needed on the theory that you can read a book, do stuff online, grab a bite but you have plenty of time for the glitches that can crop up.  I am carrying two very heavy bags as well as a shoulder bag and a drag bag. I need a cart, but don’t know where I am going to get one as I pull the car into the rental return line on the 2nd floor. Yet just as I park I see the people unloading their car in the lane over. I run over and they gladly give me their cart. Problem solved. Then the attendant comes out to inspect the car. She is going over it with a fine tooth comb. Eventually she points out to me a hairline crack in the rubber bumper that you could hardly see and certainly not at night when I had rented the car. She pulled at a damage form and said I would have to fill it out. I said I wanted to speak to the manager. She said she would look for him. Normally, as most of us are,  I would have been in a rush and just said to myself that it was not going to be my lucky day, but because I had decided to come to the airport early I had time to kill and could calmly wait. Ten minutes later she returned saying she could not find the manager, tearing up the form and wishing me a good trip. You could say that these two events were just fortuitous. Yet I maintain that that urge to go real early was connected to the ensuing events rather than happenstance.

Example two. I had to drive to the Mexican border to renew my Mexican registration and pick up some household belongings in a San Antonio storage locker. I had had a noise under my hood checked out by my mechanic who assured me it was a power steering pump that would not make the journey unsafe. Upon my return to San Miguel I realized that it would take me quite awhile to unload the car on the steep down hill narrow street where there is little room to pass a parked car and traffic gets backed up. Yet when I arrived there was a detour sign because the main road was blocked off for repairs. I was able to come around the detour and access my street. No traffic was coming down the street now and I had plenty of time to unload the car with no pressure from backed up traffic. A few days later I was making a short day trip and noticed the red battery light come on while driving. That is not a good sign as it can mean  that  the battery is being used to supply a charge rather than the generator alternator. In short you cannot drive for a long period of time, maybe two hours during the day and much less in the evening. It turned out I could drive conveniently to his shop, found out I  needed a new generator, and conveniently had it replaced. My mechanic had said I could make the trip to the border and back. He was right. But that was all and being broken down on a long highway in Mexico would not have been convenient. But it did not happen. Things came together smoothly. Was it happenstance and luck or again, being in the flow?

I maintain these situations are taking place in our lives almost daily and if we string them together we can see patterns.

What events have you had in your life that allow you to connect the dots? Negative events can also serve the same purpose, suggesting that a course of action ought to be changed or at least re-evaluated.

I think all of this is important because as the world gets crazier and I feel that is exactly what we are experiencing we need to have recognize that we have other resources at our disposal. Yet, we have to develop them to count on them.

I would love to hear your comments on this.

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