Recognizing Being In The Flow

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I just returned from a trip to California and was reflecting on the nature of being in the flow. This for me has been the idea that my urges, when acted upon without a motive, are ways to connect with helpful forces, the ones I cannot see, but know are there. Many times what I used to think of as lucky breaks, I now consider the conscious efforts of invisible partners. What do I mean?

For example I decided to get to the airport three hours before my flight from San Francisco to Dallas and on to Mexico. I had some large bags and had to return a rental car. If all went well I would have an hour or more to wait. I could browse the books store, read, grab a bite or fiddle with my computer. If there were hitches, there would be time to deal with them.

Upon bringing my car  to the rental return I knew that I needed to find a trolley: there were four bags. Directly across from me was a person getting into their car and leaving a trolley behind. The timing could not have been better. In fact they asked me if would like to have the trolley.

The attendant  went over my car with a fine tooth comb finally saying to me that my bumper had been damaged. The newer cars have plastic rubber which can tear. There was a tear of about an inch but you could not see it as it appeared to be a hairline crack. I told her that when I checked out the car at nine thirty in the evening it would have been impossible to see this. She said I would have to fill out the claims form. I did and asked to see the manager. She left and after ten minutes still had not returned. Had I been short on time I would have had to leave and envisioned a sizable charge being added to my bill. However, since I had allowed plenty of time, I just waited patiently. She returned stating she could not find the manager. She just  tore up the claim form and wished me a safe flight.

At customs in Mexico I realized I had brought in some unusual machines used for various health modalities and I might be hung up explaining what they were for, what they cost, etc.  Once you present yourself you push a button and it is either red or green. Green means pass and red means proceed to the bag examiner. My light was green.

As I mentioned, in the past I would have not thought much about any of this except to simply call it a smooth trip. Now I acknowledge every bit of small good fortune as the manifestation of other forces conspiring to assure me that  I am on the right path. It makes me feel connected to a greater reality in the flow. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

See if you can recount a string of small coincidences such as these confirming you are in the flow. I would love to hear about your observations.

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