Into The White Hole

white hole

We have much more control over the nature of our lives than we might think if we employ the right decision making tactics in the beginning of major undertakings in life.

Part of being on a non-linear adventure is that you never know what will show up to influence you. I ran across this article called Viewpoint by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. He says, ” You are what you learn. If all you know is how to be a gang member that’s what you will be.,  at least until you learn something else. If you go to law school you’ll see the world as competition. If you study engineering, you’ll see the world as a complicated machine that needs tweaking.  His point is that we can make decisions about where we want to apply our minds and like a key that unlocks a portal into that world. As you venture deeper into the world of your chosen experiences you will be enveloped in the nature of those worlds.

I don’t think that many of us think about it that way, but it does seem to be the reality.  So what’s the take away?

At the heart of all of this are the profound questions of what kind of life do we want moving forward.  So if you could write a script about what kinds of experiences you might want behind the door to a particular portal what might that be?

For a lot of people they describe this in terms of bucket lists which usually include points of interests to see and particular accomplishments. I have those also. But if we approach the task that way we are focused on the content without giving much thought to the nature of the context. The content can be limiting in that sense. You check the items off of the bucket list as they occur feeling a sense of accomplishment. However a contextual framework continues through all of the activities we might choose to have.  Think of a bowl as the context and the contents as being what goes into the bowl. So here are the qualities of life  I have put into my bowl as goals, visualizations and intentions:

*  Expect pleasant surprises.  Anything can qualify.When they happen, I feel a sense of exhilaration, realizing that not only is a pleasant surprise, but that I am consciously on the look out for them.

*  Be healthy. I have a history of having been diagnosed with some life threatening conditions, but have never felt the adverse effects . As a Virgo perhaps I stay focused on health and things I can do to improve it without going over the top. In one sense this has been the  catalyst for my meeting many remarkable people and having many unusual and delightful trips.

*   Trust my intuition.  This is easier said than done.  Many times there are hopes and wishes that get in the way and I am not quite sure which is which. But if there is a strong clear signal, and I follow  it,  magic can happen. Synchronicities  become exhilarating because they confirm that I am moving in the right direction.

*  Engage in purposeful activities: that is anything for which  I seem to have energy .  I once read that when we reach a certain age to consciously give ourselves a new palette, one that stretches us.  For example take up a new language. Live abroad for part of the year. Take up a new sport. Learn how to play a musical instrument, paint, draw, dance.  I felt that message was for me. I am living in Mexico, learning Spanish, took up tennis and take tango lessons.

To sum it up. If we take the time to think of the qualities we would like to be surrounded by, the portals (which I have called white holes) we move into can then be enhanced by these qualities. I would love to hear about your views and experiences on this topic.

For my own experiences regarding these journeys see my recently published book

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