What does the “Occupy” movement mean to me?

From Huffinton Post picture of Wall Street Protestors

I try to read a wide variety of ideas ranging from metaphysics and new age philosophy to the arguments of the far right. Alfred North Whitehead,  the famous philosopher noted that their seemed to be two dynamic forces in the universe, novelty (or change) and habit ( or the status quo).  In politics novelty leans more towards the left and habit more towards the right. At the end of the day Whitehead observed that there was slightly more novelty than habit. That is there is always change. But what does that mean?

You see many of the “Occupy” people demonstrating against injustices and the need for a better way. There is no plan per se, just an energy.  The vast majority of us sympathize with these feelings because we either directly or indirectly are affected. Maybe it will be the collective unconscious which will give rise to a new group of political candidates. Maybe it will be something else.

Yet at the grass roots level it also means in many cases the abrasive realities of economic change. it means we have to batten down the hatches and hone our resourcefulness skills. Years ago I was taking an elective class in graduate school on the techniques of financial analysis. I didn’t learn until it was too late that this was a required course for those getting a Phd. I made a D- on the midterm and the professor called me in and point blank said, “You are not doing the work.” He then said, “I assign two cases a week and I expect you to spend fifteen hours a piece on them.” I was stunned as I was taking several other courses at the same time. But it was clear. Either I rolled up my sleeves and did the work or I was going to flunk our of grad school. I did and passed.

In some sense while the demonstrators are sending energy for change there is also the need to adjust to the reality and make personal changes. Hone a marketable skill. Conserve resources and begin to embrace the skills of self-reliance. If you are a student perhaps learn an avocation that you could be good at. One of my friend’s son helped put himself through law school as a massage therapist. If you are older and have time then learn how to offer your skills on the internet. It may take time, but it will eventually pay off. In one sense we have been swept along on an incoming tide of abundance and for many a wealth of benefits which were never earned primarily because America held the world’s reserve currency and could just keep printing money when needed. But these days are rapidly ending and a call for more resourcefulness is upon us.

As I have been writing  I believe that if you are at a loss then the first thing to do is to frame a simple question to the universe delivered with intent- “What Can I Do?” This will start the process. If you stay alert,  answers will come and you will be on to the next steps. My recently published book and guidebook deal with just these kinds of decisions. They are available on Amazon in print and Kindle.

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  1. Kerry Monick says:

    Am fascinated by this move and think it is far more important than how it is currently being viewed. I think it will slowly trasform into something else, maybe very profound and very big. It seems like a baby movement just starting to crawl. The indigos and crystals will be part of the group. It maay actually eventually spawn a new reality but they will have top contend with the matrix and how well entrenched that is.

    • sandy sims says:

      HI Kerry,

      Yes, it feels that you are right. Something in the collective unconscious feels as if it is emerging. We don’t know what it is yet, but it is new. It is as if the intensity of technology and our new levels of scientific awareness give us the ability to destroy ourselves if we keep on going in the old pattern, and yet there is a yearning for a new expression in the collective unconscious which will not destroy us, but render the old useless. Kind of like staying tuned.

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