Is It Coincidence, Just A Nice Thing, Or Manifestation?

Random or Related?

Today more than ever, I think the idea is  to consciously pay attention to the subtle things.  I call this creative thinking in the largest sense. Get used to recognizing that an organizing force is behind these developments. It may be more you than you think at first glance.  For example  I have currently been  staying with my brother and his partner. She and I both have come down with a mild flu. In the process she asked me yesterday  if I would go by the health food store and pick up some bulk camomile. Having rrived I found that the bulk container was completely out.  Later that day I ran into a lady friend who said, ” I hear that your household is looking for some bulk camomile. I was at the health food store and found that the camomile had been misclassified and was in a different location. Here is a bag for you.”  At one level, you could say that this was  just somebody being nice, somebody learning that we were looking for something and then purposely taking on the challenge to find it.  This goes on all of the time in everybody’s lives. Most of the time if we are the recipients, we say, “Thank you,” and give it no more thought.

I think the message is this:

If you wanted anything to happen that does, no matter how, you can consider yourself the architect or at least an allied force to the originating thought.  In other words you had more to do with the outcome than you think.  You might say, well that’s no big deal. The outcome might not have been significant, but that was only a function of the importance of the event. As the ante increases the outcomes become more important. If you believe you were the architect of a small idea, then you can more easily stretch yourself to perhaps seeing that you were the manifesting agent for a larger idea.  Why is this so important? Because as we witness the transformation of our economic, social and political fabric into something we cannot see yet, there appears to be less and less that one can count on in terms of a long term forecast. It really does not matter what compelled helpmates to do what they did. The fact of the matter is that they did it, and it brought you what you wanted.

At the end of each day, stop and see what transpired for the day. Did events, projects, tasks   happen you had wanted to accomplish? Was there completion to a long term project? Was there something you wanted that occurred without your knowing how it was going to happen ahead of time? Becoming more conscious of the small things in life will give us more confidence as we see the pace of life increasing almost exponentially, and the technological interconnectedness drawing us into a more intricate web.  This is the mindfulness we need.  I find myself really living an open ended life now. I may think I know where I could be in six months, but am completely open to the intuitive urges as they unfold. Somehow the values I used to have around the importance of home, routine, structure, and predictability all seem to shifting and those foundations feel as reliable as quicksand.  This is the time to be practicing mindful examination of intuitive decision making, manifestation ( indirectly), open mindedness, and connecting the dots in these new ways.  I don’t know how this  is happening in your life, but would love to hear from you.

My book and guidebook released this year deal with these kinds of issues.  They are in print form and kindle.

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