Following Your Intuition, The Subtle Energies

This headline is one of the current themes of my blog. Part of the idea is to simply look at what you are doing and as it happens realize that the impulse may have come from another dimension, an invisible partner as I like to refer to the process.  My Facebook skills need sharpening, but today when  I opened it I  found this posted.  It seemed timely.

I felt I should just pass it on.  Like wise regardless of how much bad news seems to pour out of the media, there are kernels of good news also. You would not suspect this if it were not pointed out.

If one looks at the “Occupy” movement with an objective eye you will see that at one end of the spectrum is the old paradigm of simply taking advantage of the system in place. What I mean by this is that if you are a young investment banker your job is to look for opportunity. If there is a legal loophole that creates this, you are doing your job to point this out to our superiors.  Does this mean that you are greedy. Not really. Does it mean that the loophole should be plugged. In all liklihood yes. And that is where we are. We have a crisis of consciousness in which people instinctively are recognizing that the system we have needs to be of greater service to the entire community and in so doing “all boats will rise.” If we do not then there is a collapse and all boats sink.  I see the criticism of some saying that the occupiers have no plan. I feel the energy of their action is like the seed pushing through the crack in a cement sidewalk. It is pushing towards the light. And perhaps this is what we are witnessing: people are pushing towards the light not knowing how it will play out, but feeling called to have a part.

Last night I watched the film “Abyss.” As you will recall this film was about a nuclear crisis, ultimately resolved by the intervention of people with conscience and friendly aliens suggesting that with the advent of nuclear power, war is no longer a viable option if the species wants to survive. I think if we pay attention we will see subtle messages coming in from all sources  propelling us towards an emerging brighter future.

Are you experiencing the same thing?

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