Crossing The Membrane Between Realities

As a friend of mine, Terence Mckenna, the well known ethnobotanist and psychedelic explorer, once said, ” The world is not just strange. It is stranger than strange.” I found myself at a dinner party last night on my current travels.  At the table the topic of John of God came up as one of the guests had had a family member who had gone to see him.  It was one of those made to order moments as years ago I had gone to Brazil with a group who had been invited to meet with John of God.

I had not thought about this encounter for quite some time. As you may or may not know the psychic surgeons do their work in the etheric field. The mind, however, needs to encounter something it cannot believe but must because it is confronted with a reality to which it has no reference. I vividly recalled standing in the line and  watching those in front of me have cataracts removed with exacto blades. A few had four inch hemostats pushed through a nostril into their brains, and they quietly passed out in to the hands of assistants who would take them to the recovery room. I wondered what was in store for me Finally as it came to be my turn I looked into John’s eyes and he quickly waived me on sending me to the pharmacy for a certain beverage.  A  short time later we were sitting with John,  eating vegetable soup together with many of the people who had been subjected to the hemostats.  We had a medical doctor with us who said, ” We either all ought to be dead or in the emergency room.” Some in our group had been treated dramatically: we all had witnessed the miraculous.  While the instruments used had been crude in nature and their was no antiseptics used I had had no feeling of danger at all. In fact I felt I somehow had been  in a protective bubble blessed with an energy  that made  all of this possible.   What was happening? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that for that time we had crossed back and forth between realities existing  in both at the same time.

I am writing about this because many of the suggestions made to us for self-empowerment and improvement  are to engage in practices which people cannot rationalize as being within our capabilities. Yet on the one hand we accept these without question and then on the other hand we don’t know how it works. I am reminded for example of karate. The black belt karate expert can break a two by four with his hand. We accept this. Yet without that training we know that we would break our hand if we tried. How can we hold these two beliefs at the same time and not be able to transfer those beliefs to other potential capabilities?

The process of visualizing, trusting, intending, and believing are ways to cross that membrane into other realities. I feel with the kinds of changes facing us in  the breakdown of our political, economic, and social fabric we need to be able to count on these other tools. Practicing at a small level provides feedback which then allows us to stretch to larger levels without panicking.

I wrote about this in my recently released book which is in both print and Kindle form. These are conscious decision making and creative thinking patterns that we need to take on board.

I would love to have your comments regarding your own experiences.

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