Begin to Save Yourself

What happens when there is blood in the water?

It takes conscious decision making to think for yourself and to begin to see that things are not what they seem to be. The fish in this photo look to be docile enough. With a drop of blood in the water, they turn into ferocious killers. That is clear. The danger can be foreseen.

During world war one there was the hideous use of mustard gas. It could not be easily seen, and then before one knew it troops were gagging  to a hideous death.  It was so horrible that nations came together to ban it as a form of warfare.  Are we now seeing a more sophisticated form of the same?

In one sense the daily news is a form of this gas. As a former ad executive, it is no secret that the media is privately owned and that ratings are the name of the game. As the ratings go up the more can be charged to advertisers. It turns out that sensationalism sells. Not good news. So our TV screens are filled with competitive political rancor, killings, disasters, and what is going wrong. If you watch this long enough you will be slowly done in by this newer form of mustard gas. The reason this newer form of gas is so insidious is that it is much more subtle. You could say that it all seems so reasonable.

So what is the alternative? I was listening to a web broadcast from Barbara Marx Hubbard, the former vice presidential nominee. Her view was that we need to change our focus to look for what is working in the world. That is consciously to replace looking at what is not working for things that are working.  The time we spend being caught up in news rancor is time we cannot spend on useful ideas.  But it takes a mindful discipline. For example you can see in the Wall Street demonstrations the public expressing their deep discontent with blatant excesses funded with hard working American’s savings and a political system that is now operating by favoritism. The demonstrators do not have a plan, but they have an orderly position. They are saying that this is the behavior and consciousness we want brought to the problem solving arena.  That grass roots movement is now appearing around the world. Competitiveness is being replaced by cooperation made possible by technology which connects at the grass roots level.  So while everything seems to be coming apart at the seems economically, politically and socially, we must be looking at what is arising in its place.  This is new kind of creative thinking and decision making we have to make with regard to policing how we spend our time.

Your views would be most welcome.

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