Am I In A State of Pertubation?

Moving towards pertubation

I have been writing about many factors which affect the way we think and act in our greater decision making arena.  In this regard  I have classified  many of the ideas as forms of creative thinking. My psychiatrist friend told me once that what her profession really does is seek to offer more useful points of view than her patients possess.

Einstein basically said that we cannot solve the great problems with the same degree of consciousness that we used to create them. The question, how do we acquire that consciousness?

Hence the endless journey of self-awareness.

Years ago I was in a seminar in which we were broken down in small groups and forced to stay up all night in an effort to strive for a level of understanding that we as group members did not possess at the beginning of the exercise.  Finally ,we as a small group, exhausted had the epiphany that “personal responsibility” was the elusive answer we sought.  The nature of the exercise however was to see that in nature it is the process of intense agitation that propels one to the next state of awareness. it seems to emerge from having exhausted one’s self so completely that we “break through” to the next level of awareness. This process is referred to as pertubation.

If you have seen a small plant that has sent a shoot up though a crack in for example a cement sidewalk, you can imagine the forces of nature struggling and pushing against all odds, until that crack occurs.

It seems that the necessary ingredient is exhaustion and to achieve that state one has to be connected in such a way, energetically, legally, etc. to stay in that state long enough to achieve the “pop” to the next state.

Personal relationships are certainly fertile ground for most of us experience this. We can become so polarized in our fight that we do not see that it is the fight itself that catapults us to the next level of understanding. The exhaustion seems to create a calmness that allows  a new awareness to emerge. I am not offering this as a road map but as a way of looking at the benefit of  the struggling process. I know it happens to me. You will know when you have arrived because there will be a clarity and peace of mind that you did not possess before. It may not be the end of the journey, but it provides a level of understanding you did not possess before.

For me I find that I wrestle, am frustrated beyond belief, sometimes angry, sometimes distraught and even depressed. Then when finally exhausted so many times and finally near being worn out, there can be a break through: I get a sense of perspective and clarity. It may not be the final part of the journey, but the perspective is new.

I would be interested in your views of this observation.

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