Where The New Medicine Is Taking Us

using biofeedback and light therapy

Years ago I asked an M.D where the future of medicine was taking us. He said, “No doubt about it-energetics-the use of light, sound, and electricity.” We cannot endlessly stack the human body with one drug after another and know and predict what will happen. Some of the biggest decisions in our life will be made around healing treatments. I am not advocating by passing a doctor at all. What I am suggesting is the idea that there are emerging forms of both diagnosis and help which can be extremely beneficial, supplementing or even replacing suggested therapies.

With biofeedback the idea is that our bodies can tell the practitioner where the problem resides in the body. Royal Rife years ago with a very powerful microscope was able to see pathogens under the microscope. He found that all pathogens have a mortal oscillating rate. that is the rate which they would die. This rate was reflected in a light frequency which when subjected to the pathogen would kill it. When the pathogen is subjected to the right frequency, then it dies. In the more advanced therapies such as the biophoton device developed by Johan Boswinkel these pathogens can be neutralized. Light therapy has not been mainstream or approved in the U.S. but it has emerged in Europe. The biggest problem in alternative medicine is to know what really works and what and whom you can really count on. But we have that problem anyway. I am reminded of the story of a friend of mine years ago who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The first doctor told her she needed have her breast removed. The second doctor told her she would require a lumpectomy, or the removal of a portion. The third doctor told her she needed chemo.  Bewildered and distraught she eventually, through her physician brother,  found triage, where a group of doctors meet with the patient and discuss the situation. They recommended that since her cancer seemed to not be doing anything, that they just watch it.  She would have been the perfect candidate, while watching, to undergo light therapy as she was going to wait anyway.  The challenge-you have to dig and do diligent homework, but the efforts can yield great results. For example there are people who are using large magnets now to induce healing  thereby avoiding certain kinds of surgery.  As these developments emerge, people will find other sources of treatment that simply could not be imagined before. The internet is making this possible. As one physician friend of mine told me, he asks his chronic diseased patients  to tell him what they have discovered. After all they have only one disease to research and he must keep abreast of 100′s.  I am a thirteen year survivor of cancer. I have paid extremely close attention to my condition getting a scan every year. Each year I may try some new alternative idea out. This year my three major suspicious areas were biopsied and they were benign. We all need breaks. It is recognized that our medical industry is just that, an industry. Each person has to become more of an advocate and the more one knows about his or her  condition the better questions can be asked. And that process can lead to miracles. Good luck.

Light healing

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