It is not what happens to us, but we are going to do about it.

flood in Catskills

Making decisions in a crisis is the most challenging of all. It demands discipline and creativity on a larger scale.

On my current trip which has took me by train up the Hudson River to the beautiful Catskills I found myself a day ahead of Hurricane Irene. Here picturesque villages dot the beautiful forested and green fields. Twenty-four short hours later twelve inches of rain had fallen. That doesn’t seem like too much except that summer rains had saturated the ground and there was no ability for the ground to absorb the water. What happened next happened very quickly. The rain ran off of the hills and mountains and into the valleys. Water like nobody could remember raged through these same picturesque villages leaving them totally devastated. As the flood waters rose maybe only a few feet spelled the difference between total safety to property and total disaster. Mother nature has a way making that dramatic statement.

I could not help but remember how I had attended an inspirational lecture many years ago where the lecturer had survived a plane crash but with ninety percent of his body burned and now confined to a wheel chair. His message to all of us was that It is not what happens to us but we do about it going forward. I never forgot that. As I passed through the devastation here I thought about that very same message.

It is exceptionally easy to dwell in the tragedy and to keep reliving it. Yet this does not put our minds where they can be most useful, envisioning going forward what we want with intent. This is where the discipline is needed. We now know that what we desire with intent organizes the energy fields to support us. That does not mean that everything we want appears magically, but that forces begin to coalesce influencing people and resources to line up in a beneficial manner. Long the domain of the metaphysicians the mechanics of this are now being investigated and slowly confirmed by  our  quantum physicists.

flood in Catskills

I am not suggesting that it will produce instant and magical results, but with direction and intent we can be on course. Maybe it is finding income, or a new relationship were that the immediate loss. Yet, perhaps this is the exact moment to identify the feelings that will come with finding an income source or new relationship. In some cases the feeling goal is security. in others it will be a sense of vitality and well-being. For some  it will be feelings of contentment, peace of mind, and happiness. What ever it might be the idea is to identify the feeling you are going after and not so much how they will be achieved. Once this is firmly in place then you can pay attention to every intuitive idea, lucky break, coincidence, or what ever label you want to give to them as the universe supplies you.

With the rapid changes that are coming for virtually everyone it is well worth it to note if your goals are feeling oriented first. It might make the journey much easier.

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