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Electron heaven

This blog as you know by now is about finding new thinking patterns,  questioning what is considered to be the norm, and thinking about creativity and decision making from another perspective.  in the last month and a half I have been on a medical and healing journey. In the process I have been following what I write about which is to pay attention to my intuition, keep my antenna up, and look for the environment to talk back to me with synchroniciities.

Because I found that by using light, electricity and other alternative resources; my larger cancerous tumors upon MRI guided biopsy turned out to be benign. Relief was hardly the word for it. Could I say exactly what did it? No, but it doesn’t matter. The path has simply guided me into this new area. One in which we can learn to benefit from electricity, light, and magnetism to assist our healing process.  I ran a across a book at my brother’s house by Jerry Tennant, M.D. called “Healing is Voltage.” He is among a band of new doctors who are emerging to tell us that it is time to re assess the western medical paradigm at least with regard to chronic conditions. He says that the current paradigm assumes that when an organ is failing it can only be affected by finding a chemical (drug) to make it work or to remove it surgically. Is there another way to look at all of this?As Tennant says, “An often overlooked truth is that we tend to get well by making new cells, not by correcting those that are malfunctioning. We replace our skin every six weeks, our liver every eight weeks, our nervous system every eight months and our bones every year. “Every cell in the body is designed to run at a voltage of -20 to -25 millivolts. We heal by making new cells.” Making a new cell requires -50 millivolts. We get sick when our voltage drops below the operating voltage of -20 millivolts. The only way to get well is to insert enough electrons to get up to -50 millivolts. His book talks about how to do this.

So how do you get more electrons and voltage? Here are a few points Tennant makes:

(1) The earth is a large electromagnet. Walking barefoot on dirt and grass will cause electrons to flow into your body.

(2) Drink alkaline water. The chlorine and flouride in water steal the electrons.

(3) Processed foods steal electrons. Eat less processed food.

(4) In living organisms voltage flows from the higher to the lower. If you have a pet such as a dog or cat, holding them will transfer electrons from them to you. Then they will run around outside and bring you more. leaning up against a tree will do the same.

(5) Moving water is an electron donor. Still water steals electrons. Take a shower. Swim in the ocean to  get electrons. Swim in a chlorinated pool and the chlorine will steal them.

(5) Moving air is an electron stealer. People often feel tired if they sleep under a fan or go for a long ride in a convertible. Think about this.

(6) Carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic beverages steal electrons. Cooked food steals electrons.  Be more mindful

They of course is tons more. But the idea is not to give up everything that is fun, but to be aware and perhaps make changes where you can easily and go for moderation in the other.

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  1. I read your blog with great interest. I too like to explore the question, in all aspects of life: Is there not another way? To see this, to understand this…etc. In the health arena, we probably have more useful examples than in most, yet medical science has been slow to respond. At the risk of sounding motivated by self-interest, I will have a novel published next month, Dying to Know, that explores this very issue, when a young woman with cancer is determined to find another way to understand disease and healing. I didn’t write it from advocacy or as a new method. I wrote it to show what it might look like if one were open to allowing that disease and healing have many other ways of being approached than our western medical model. It’s in e-book format. If it catches you interest, just let me know and I’ll tell you when it’s published. But whatever, all success to you in your healing endeavor. Love to you.

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