Why You Should Consider Being A Contrarian

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”
Oscar Wilde

I saw this quote on an e-mail today. It was the catalyst for this reflection. We all like the familiar, the tried and true, and being one of the gang. Yet it is that habit which frequently prevents us from being a bit adventuresome, from paying attention to our intuition. A contrarian  is one who consciously decides to swim against the current, to not run with the pack. It is this kind of conscious decision making that can open new doors. It is especially important today. The herd mentality can be frantic. Look at the markets.

In my book I wrote about how I had met a very wealthy financier in my earlier years who had had bone cancer as a youth. He had been bed ridden at age ten and  at the time and had asked that his parents bring him every auto biography in the library( There are numerous biographies but very few autobiographies by contrast).   He told me that there was one commonality exhibited by all of those whose autobiographies he had read: they all were contrarians. They all, in this sense, purposely marched to the beat of a different drummer. He was deformed with one leg shorter than the other, but said that he was determined to follow this model for life. He did, marrying a beautiful woman, raising a wonderful family, and becoming extremely successful in business.

Something to think about.

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