What To Do If You Need Money

Mother Meera

What To Do If You Need Money!

Most of the time when we are in this state we are pretty needy. I have been there. Part of the purpose of my blogs is to help everyone including me get clear about this process. What dose the decision making and creative thinking approach model for this look like? How will our intuition help?

First of all urgent short term needs and long term purposeful expressions that make money may not be one in the same. Years ago I attended a silent darshan  in Germany with the famous Mother Meera. In the book store adjacent to her gathering hall I picked up one of her books. In it a young man was confused. He was asking advice as to how he could manifest a living as a piccolo player. He had a wife and two children. Her response was a short “Don’t give up your day job.”  What she seemed to be saying was  that he might have squeaked out an existence on his own in the limited revenue producing world of piccolo playing, but once he added the extra family burden, he was giving the universe an inordinately large task for the short run.

So what’s the process?

(1) Set the over all context of the life you want and how it will take care of you financially. Picture yourself with intent leading this life .

(2) Now set the intent of seeing cash flowing to you immediately.

Be open, get your intuitive antenna raised to pick up  any source. What presents itself  may not be what you want in the long term, but what you need is something at the moment. In this regard be open to synchronicities, have your antenna up. The act of receiving income will begin the process.

I often wonder about what I am going to write about. As I scan the news I realize that both the young who have not found a job,  and the  older middle age people, who might have just lost a jor are in the same boat with regard to employement. Nobody wants to hire them. In the first case they have no experience. In the second case they are too old and too expensive. The challenge is to tool or retool for the times we live in.

As I thought about this I stumbled across this website on how to make money (www.everywaytomakemoney.com)

I like to think that because I was thinking about writing about this topic,  it surfaced.

What’s your experience in this regard?

My book which I have released this year in print and kindle talks about my own journey regarding manifestation.

For those who want more science regarding these suggestions you might want to check out the intention work being done by Lynne Mctaggert.

Anyway U.S. Air needed $12.95 and I gave it to them to try out wifi on my flight across the U.S. Can’t believe I am online and flying at the same time. What’s next?

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