Synchronicity, The Present and Future for Cancer and Chronic Disease Treatment

Brought To LIght

I am at one of those crossroads in life where I have been able to nurse prostate cancer along for almost thirteen years. It is decision making time involving intuition,and  open mindedness .  I have two small tumors about the size of a rice kernels, maybe a bit bigger. The size isn’t the issue. It is the location. One is right next to an area where it can easily emerge from the capsule of the prostate and then it is a whole different ball game.

I like many had hoped by this time that medical science would have gotten much further along for the man on the street. That is there would have been breakthroughs which would would have provided the “silver” bullet so to speak.

I qualified for the latest in technological studies and just had a MRI guided biopsy. Here the latest in MRI and spectroscopy technology can be used to examine only the suspicious areas and to classify the aggressiveness. That is useful.

As I wrote about a few posts back, I had attended the Tesla Conference and there met a fellow who had a very advanced Rife Light. This is a light using frequencies to eliminate pathogens. He told me he had cured prostate and bladder cancer. Then I received an article about a man, Johan Boswinkel, from New Zealand who has also been using light to achieve remarkable results. This is a must read article.

I am hoping that my tissue analysis will give me a reasonable amount of time to explore the light.

When I emerged from the MRI biopsy I saw this sign on the building immediately in my path. The picture is a little out of focus as I  took it with my I-phone and had to blow it up. The sign on the building says, “Brought To Light.” I felt given the fact that I am on an open ended journey at the moment that this is a synchonicity.

I am buying one of those lights even though nobody can legally  say that it cures anything. I may also do other things, but I feel strongly that light therapy has a place in   the future treatment of chronic disease.

How does this feel to you?

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