How Following Intuition and Synchronicity Can Pay Off-Really!

Gee, what happened?

I have been writing about conscious decision making focused  around synchronicity and intuition. I suggest that this is creative thinking in the meta sense because we may not consciously be  used to acting on these urges and signs.

Here is what I mean.

I had been debating as to going to the Tesla Conference with my brother. I am not a particularly technical person, but he persistently kept nudging me and finally I agreed tying it into a trip to San Francisco for my annual MRI/MRSI scan which has been tracking my prostate cancer. This year was particularly critical. My PSA scores had been going up, doubling within the last two years,  and my doctors were feeling a bit nervous about my not taking more aggressive action. This was my 13th year since diagnosis and last year the suspicious areas looked more advanced.

I met with a naturopathic oncologist in Tucson before journeying on to the conference,  and had a PCA3 assay which reflects prostate cancer cells in one’s body. My PCA 3 test results showed that a biopsy would be a good idea, confirming cancer. ( If you know of anyone struggling with prostate cancer decisions regarding PSA readings let them know about the PCA 3 test.)

At the Conference I had met a man who had a machine (designed by a physicist ) which he was convinced had had rid him of both prostate and bladder cancer. He felt so blessed he was sharing the machine and his story with people there. Based upon Royal Rife’s technology I was happy to try it several times. Rife’s work is controversial, but when we get into the world of chronic illness the science for living with a disease comfortably versus cure becomes obscure. The alternative methods, from a rational viewpoint, might be best tried when you have time on your side.

After the conference ,I headed for San Francisco for my scan. The scan showed three suspicious areas in my prostate and made me eligible for a clinical trial incorporating the use of the MRI to guide the biopsy exactly to the  suspicious areas, that is what they see on the scan.

I reported for an additional MRI that used contrast and then  a few days later the biopsy.

When the results came back, I could not believe it.  Each biopsied core was negative for cancer. What had happened? Had the machine made a difference? I reflected on the events and how I had finally agreed to go to the conference where I met the man with the machine.

My doctors  suggested that I still might have cancer but not  in the suspicious areas. I left feeling  I had a renewed lease on life. At least I would not have to radiate a tumor or two that could be seen. I would have more time to try out the light and stick to the regimen I had developed already.

My brother’s urging had set events in motion. Had I not gone to the conference the MRI results might have been different. We won’t know, but I lie to think that my Invisible Partners, as I have written about in my recently released book, were at work.

Think about similar situations in your life that might have just seemed like good fortune. Try to recall what the key influences were. You may see a pattern giving yu a glimpse of a larger reality working for you.

I would love to hear about your experiences.

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