What Do You Think The Future Of Medicine Is?

Me getting a treatment on the MRS 2000

Part of our decision making challenges in life revolves around accepting societal norms with regard to how ,say the field of medicine works. Some 60 million people in the U.S. are now seeking alternative therapies simply because they have their place and are producing results. What this means is that at the right times alternative forms can be the very best way to treat a chronic disease or ailment. The trick is to know when, where  and how to integrate it with traditional forms.

Years ago I had dinner in Germany with one of Europe’s top immunologists. People from all over Europe came to see him as he was a professor of medicine as well as a practicing doctor. I asked him the question above. He laughed. Then he pulled out a device from around his neck. He said this is what the Russian Cosmonauts were wearing in space. It was an energetic device. “This,” he said, “Is where we are going. Energetic medicine based upon Light, sound, electricity, magnetism, nano technology etc. “Why?”, he continued, because after a person has three prescription drugs in their system, it is impossible tell what the interaction of the next drug will be. Most senior people are running around with four or more drugs. some with many more. Unfortunately energetic medicine is not the domain of too many physicians. But that landscape will soon change.

My brother inspecting devices of the future

I am attending the annual Tesla Conference in Albuquerque. The rooms are filled with the kind of people who made America great. These are the garage inventors pioneering with energy machines, healing devices. There are devices here such as plasma motors that run off of soda pops(GEET). There are Rife lights which kill pathogens by setting their frequencies to the mortal occillating rate of these pathogens. There are special mats utilizing “Electro Medicine,” the cutting edge of modern health. Much of this has originated in Europe where other modalities besides drugs have long been in practice. There are the anti aging patches from Aeon using nanotechnology. There is technology that eats plastic and gives off fuels that can be burned in diesel engines.

Then of course there are the Tesla Coils and the offshoots of that. Nicolai Tesla who gave us alternating current technology demonstrated in 1899 the wireless transmission of power. Tesla was way ahead of his time, but his concepts are highly relevant today with regard to resolving many of today’s problems such as energy shortages, pollution and our psychic and spiritual growth.

Tesla coils could transfer energy wirelessly

Probably one of the first places to start is to ask yourself with intent how you can find out more. Be open to what comes your way. It may be a person providing a tip, a website you stumble across or a program you are listening to. Just have your antennae up.

It is very refreshing to escape the daily news grind of fear, politics, and control  and to see what the human mind and spirit is capable of creating for humanity.

I welcome your thoughts and feelings on the matter.

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