Recognizing the Subtleties of the Flow

I don't know. Let's just do it.

I have been writing about how our lives can be guided and when we recognize this, you might say, that we are in the flow. I have referred to this as being in touch with our invisible partners. The trick is to recognize when it has happened, stop, and be grateful and see if it is part of a pattern.  I think of it as if I were catching butterflies. It is part of reinforcing the intuitive decison making process and our creative thinking at another level.

My brother and his partner had driven a Nissan Pathfinder for over ten years. It had almost 300,000 miles on it and while everything still worked, it was time for fresh horses. They had both focused on wanting  a good used 4 wheel drive FJ Cruiser made by Toyota, and  within their budget.

USSA  buying services  had located several prospects at prices which can eliminate the aggravation of the adversarial positions of the bargaining process.  It was a Saturday.  The challenge  was that the best price was also the furthest away in a small town and in a color they really didn’t  want. We were almost out the door.

At the very last moment another vehicle popped up. It was also a long way away but  they said they would honor all of the terms on the buying service recommendation. If it did not work out we could still make it to see the other vehicle, although it would be many more hours of driving. We debate wondering if we could really do it all. Our intuition said,  let’s go see, but was it really going to be worth it?

the prize

After a long haul on the road, seeing the vehicle lit them up: it was precisely what they had wanted. The dealer agreed to buy the Nissan, not for much, but it was fair enough. They had a cashier’s check from Wells Fargo made out to my brother, but the dealer would not accept that even if  endorsed  in front of them. I guess there is too much fraud these days. The Wells Fargo bank locations were closed but there was a Wells Fargo counter open In a nearby large supermarket. The gal managing the counter said they could not cash the check either since it was drawn on the brokerage arm, and it would not pass through her system.  Then she offered a solution. We could open up an account and deposit the check. From our new account she would give us a cashier’s check made out to the dealer.  While it seemed like an unwieldy process what was important was that it was a solution and it was happening late on a Saturday afternoon.

Even though the cruiser had almost 50,000 miles on it, it looked like it was brand new. My brother and his partner  were jazzed.  They had gotten just what they wanted.  As we drove out of the dealership we realized that had we gone to the  small town where the other vehicle was we would have been  even a longer way from home and they might have declined the check also. Most likely being a small town no banking outlet would have been open and we would have been out of luck and five hours from home.

We realized all had come together in the best possible way.

My point is that we all have days when things work out and we realize that the alternative we didn’t want would not have worked out anyway.  We can choose to write these  events off as just  lucky breaks or c0incidences, and just forget about them. Most of the time we do.  Yet we can also look at this as our invisible partners stepping in to subtly guide us. As we recognize these connections they tend to increase in frequency.  In other words the act of recognition seems to catalyze the frequency of more of the same. As we make a note of these kinds of occurrences, we can string them together and begin to see a pattern. It is this mindful state that supports our trusting our intuition. And it is connecting these dots as they happen that supports creative thinking and turns the ordinary into the extra ordinary.

What are some of your everyday experiences that fall into this category?

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