Is Just “Being” A Bankrupt Idea?

Getting our ideas in sync

It is easy to get blind sided by terminology and semantics these days especially with expressions such as, ” just being,” “being present or in the moment,” and “flow or being in the flow.”  Yet I feel that our decision making, creative thinking and conscious awareness needs to be in sync as time seems to evaporate and we must make decisions at an ever increasing pace.

I caught this article by Eric Maisel Phd. who thinks that at times just “being” is a bankrupt idea. Is he right? I think there is often a lot of confusion. He is suggesting that if you are sitting at

just being

a cafe and having a cup of coffee at the expense of prior commitments then what kind of “being” is that? I agree. The issue seems to be responsibility. If you have responsibilities and knowingly  avoid them under the guise of just being then perhaps the concept has been eluded. The idea of just being is not a substitute for responsibility it should be a partner.  It suggests that you address your daily life’s requirements, but mindfully, and that in this state you are being and being present.

The idea of being present, at least as far as I understand it, is that emotionally we live in the present as opposed to reveling in a past era or imagining how great something will be in the future being there. This does not mean that you are not present when planning for the future or reviewing some event in the past: it simply means that your emotional state does not wander off to the past or future, but remains anchored in the here and now.

The idea of flow and synchronicities for me is a state of mind where as I go about my daily life  aware of my intuition,  following it, and  keeping myself alert to what is happening. The synchronicities ( meaningful coincidences) that occur are  communications that let me know whether I am on the right path or need a course correction. For example just I was having dinner out in Mexico. The bill came and it was for 938 pesos. I looked at my cell phone to calculate the tip  and it was 9:38. It was a small aha experience, but one that made me feel I was at the right place at the right time. It is part of the idea that we are living inside of a collective two way consciousness and the more we accept that idea the more active the communication becomes. It is a domain that appears to give you more and more as you recognize that you are in it.

The reason I write about this so much is that I feel we are in this huge transition and are learning to map the new territory. The idea is to practice where it is easy so that as the decision making becomes more consequential we can feel comfortable about our intuition or going with our gut.

I would love to hear your reverberations and have a book and guidebook  just recently released discussing my adventures in this realm.

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  1. I agree that we shouldn’t use the phrase “just being” as an excuse to become beach bums (with or without the beach.) Fortunately, while some may confuse it, that’s not the intent of the phrase (IMO),

    The phrase reminds us that the point of power is in the present. We are missing a lot of what is before our eyes in the present if our brains are chattering away about past experiences, things we may or may not do in the future, and places we think we’d rather be than where we are.

    So many people miss the roses because they walk past them worrying about what they’re going to say if their mother in law catches them slamming down bourbon at the office party.


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