What Does It Take To Make Life Worth Living?

Today more than ever in all of the turmoil and change the old adage that “life is determined by the questions we ask” certainly needs front and center stage. If we are open minded and using our creative thinking focus we might ask ourselves the question in the headline.,

I went to a dinner tonight where the generations were discussing what they were facing. We had retired, recent college graduates, and those still very active in the work a day world. While it was acknowledged that each generation must find its way the difference between today and earlier times was that employment today is more challenging.  It is not that clear where opportunity is and how to land on one’s feet. It used to be that people had a game plan. They would find a career, apply themselves, save and muddle through to more gracious years. But now more than ever, nothing looks very certain, and when it is all stripped down here is what one of the leading thinkers and psychologists of the day, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly has to say about   What Makes Life Worth Living

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