What Do I Do Since The Rules Have Changed?

If the rules are changing what are they changing to?

Are we going to have to embrace a new paradigm with regard to the decisions we make and how we think? Are we going to have to be more creative in ways we have not thought about before? Are we going to have trust our intuition more? The answer I believe is a resounding”Yes.”

There is a compelling read in the Huffpost business site  by Arthur Delaney dealing with how the economy is making life exceptionally difficult. The rules we used to rely on simply don’t work anymore. People who trusted and believed in the American Dream are finding themselves out on the street with little hope, especially those further along in age.

There are a number of compelling statements such as:

“On the eve of my 60th birthday and without marketable skills I have no chance of ever finding a job again in the traditional economy,” writes a North Carolinian who’s been out of work nearly two years. “I am determined to survive this horror show. But my survival will not be determined by our broken economy. It’s ‘think outside the box’ time. Traditional methods obviously won’t work for people like me.”

Well what can you do?I do not have a precise game plan for everyone, but I do have some ideas of efforts you can apply in the background to the ideas you have. Things you may not have thought about, but things that can make a difference.

I saw a great anoyomous quote today which said, “Be Careful Of What You Ask For Because That Is All You May Get.

It sounds perhaps like a trite expression, but I believe it reflects a powerful truth. As we desperately need to connect with something that produces an income we can get so focused on that need that we concentrate only on tasks we deem suitable for achieving that result. For example we not only focus on getting a job, but on all of the tasks to achieve that. But is this too limiting? Most likely. And furthermore if we are in a desperate state chances are we may be projecting the fear of what will happen to us if we cannot find a job.

One idea that I have written about is that most  of our material wants are focused on a feelings at the core. If we have a job and are earning money we hope to feel secure, perhaps even content and happy. My point is that if we can concentrate on how we want to feel and do so with intent, we put that idea out into the universe. It does not mean we don’t do everything else. Perhaps intuitively we contact certain people or write proposals or do something unique to stand out from the crowd. But it is actually the feelings that are the goals. So if we concentrate on the feelings and then follow are intuition to whomever or whatever seems appropriately inspired  we are getting in touch with a larger flow. We give the universe a larger pallete to work from. Opportunities and ideas we have not thought about can be offered to us because we have allowed for a larger expression.

I don’t mean to in anyway make light of a bad situation, but I offer this as something to do with little downside.

To put some perspective to this kind of thinking years ago I was in a seminar and the leader suggested  that if we abandoned all swear words for twenty-one days we would feel quite different. Even if you were skeptical, you could say to yourself, “What do I have to lose?”  Not that I swore a lot but I did have my moments. Consciously following this advice I found that at the end of the twenty-one day period I felt remarkably calmer and more peaceful.

So if the rules have changed, what have they changed to?  I feel we are changing to the need to consciously depend more and more on the right side of our brain, that is to give it equal weight with our linear thinking. By this I mean the necessity to learn how harness intention, to trust our intuition, to recognize synchronicities as reliable guides to this territory and to consciously live our lives from this perspective. Do this with small things and work your way up.

I have written a book which outlines the journey I took with regard to employing some of the new ideas and rules and the results I obtained. Additionally together with a psychiatrist friend, Dr. Kerry Monick, we prepared a simple easy to use guidebook. If the book or guidebook can stimulate at least one good change they will have been worth it. Click here for more information.

I feel that by trying out some of these approaches  things may begin to  fall into place in ways that we could not imagine. I would love to hear from any of you  engaged in some of these patterns and how they are making a difference for you.

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  1. Heather Derocher says:

    Dear Sandy,
    I’m writing a thesis for a Master’s Degree at Harvard on “Realizing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unbuilt Designs: Posthumous Construction and the Problem of Authenticity”. I would LOVE to speak to you about your house and write about 5-10 pages on your Wright project. I just read all your posts on the house. I’d also love to talk with you about the authenticity debate surrounding these projects. Please email me so we can hopefully talk directly. I would very much appreciate it! Thanks so much, Heather Derocher

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