What Can You Do When Change Happens Too Fast?

If you scan the news and papers you will see that much of the change is coming down is occurring quicker than people can adjust.  For example in Greece you see the headline, “Austerity kindles deep discontent.” This is happening in pockets of America also as weather  and economic conditions can suddenly hit people faster than they can prepare. What kind of decision making makes sense now?

We seem to be moving into an era where the concept of material acquisitions are being  questioned with regard to the value and enjoyment received from them. My father once said that in retrospect the second home that he so revered in the mountains cost him the same amount to maintain as being able to stay in a five star hotel any where in the world for thirty days a year. If he had had it all to do all over again he would have taken the hotels. The point is that we are becoming more attuned to the idea that having things is just another way of having “experiences.” Some experiences are simply too costly compared to what else might be on the menu today.

So what’s my point?

If we look at our choices as a function of the experiences we want or want to avoid then in this rapid period of change being light on our feet is certainly advantageous. Richard Gregg’s Voluntary simplicity becomes an asset. We can begin to scale down. We can question the real value of owning versus renting. We can look at what really provides satisfaction. In more and more cases it is not what we own but the relationships we have.  Our computers, cell phones and now I pads allow us to stay plugged in to news, family and friends and most importantly for many-work. We can sample a much wider variety of experiences if we choose to but it involves for many the idea of lightening the material load and being flexible enough to “go.”

The old idea of “time is money”  is now being replaced by “money is time.” The new wealth is one’s ability to create disposable time and greater choice of the experiences it brings.

In one sense this is not age related. If you are young saddling yourself with a big mortgage because your home was not only a home but an asset building idea is now a questionable point of view. But if you are living lightly, you are flexible. Changes can be more easily absorbed.

Food for thought in this new decision making paradigm . What are your thoughts and experiences around this idea?

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