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Why Having “Social Skills” Doesn’t Make You a Better Manager. What?

Posted in Thinking Patterns on May 5th, 2011 by Sandy – Be the first to comment

Let's dig a little deeper

Some of our most profound creative decision making comes with regard to our social situations. I came across this article on the business net regarding social skills and emotional intelligence. The author, Kimberly Weisul concludes:

“After reading all these studies, I can’t help but think that emotional intelligence is sort of like beer. A mean person doesn’t become nice when they have too much to drink. They just become a mean drunk. In the grand scheme of things, I wonder how much use emotional intelligence really is in a workplace setting. If women have more emotional intelligence than men, it might only matter if women are also nicer than men. Such an imbalance seems pretty unlikely, to say the least.  But would you be better off working with someone who’s extremely pleasant but might have ulterior motives, or with someone who’s obnoxious but has a good heart?”

Does this mean that emotional intelligence doesn’t count for much. There is another way to look at this: read more »

Is the “Birther” Issue Everyone’s Boogie Man? What’s Up?

Posted in Thinking Patterns on May 1st, 2011 by Sandy – 1 Comment

A Fresh perspective

Is it  crippling our decision making, our individual ability to manifest, and create?

I can only imagine that Donald Trump’s P.R. company has seized an issue that will get plenty of  political mileage, but will finish well short of the mark. Or not. Perhaps it is all about horse trading  a pledge of supporters at the end of the day for political capital to be be used as he wishes.

However, the real issue seems to be what exactly is the fear that the birther issue masks. Why is it really such a hot button ? read more »

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