Intuitive Decision Making Confirmations-The Subtle “Aha.”

Oh, that's what that could mean!

Sometimes it seems we decide to do things that have no big agenda, like to take a pleasure trip or engage in an activity with no sense of urgency attached. As a result  we are not torn between whether we should do it or not.  We are not looking for confirmations as to whether it is a good idea or not.

I maintain that even if we have a coincidence that at the moment does not seem like a “meaningful coincidence,” what Jung calls a synchronicity, perhaps it is.  And rather than dismissing it, ask ourselves if it has any significance.  My take is that coincidences out of the blue can be little signposts that we are on the right path and doing the right thing. From that point of view they can be very comforting, but we have to raise them to that level of consciousness: they are our visible connections to the collective unconscious.

Here is what I am talking about…

I was making plans to drive from Mexico to San Antonio Texas and wanted to solve an accommodation challenge. We needed to be near the airport and a number of  particular shopping destinations as well as one request for a good Indian restaurant.  There were to be three adults.  In shopping around I found that Embassy Suites had a suite which had a sofa bed in the sitting room and a door between the bedroom and the sitting room. Perfect for the three of us.  Because we were delivering a fourth person to the airport we needed two rooms for one night.  I was on line but called a number to see if there were any specials. The lady who answered was very friendly. I told her the rate I had been quoted was not the same as the online rate and would she check.  She answered all of our questions and worked out an even better rate.  In thanking her I curiously asked her where she was located. She said, “ I work in Tampa, but live in New Port Richey. I paused for a moment and then told her that my grandfather had founded the town in which she was living . We both laughed. My immediate reaction was that there was nothing that made that coincidence particularly meaningful. Later I realized that it was an “aha” experience, one that can let you know you are on the right track.  And this is my exact point.  Sometimes we can have what appears to be just an isolated “aha” moment, but that it can be a confirmation that we are in the flow.

My favorite experience of this sort occurred years ago and I write about it  in my recently released book.  I was driving down to the shopping center with a good friend. I asked him what time it was as we were stopped in traffic. Without  batting an eye and looking straight ahead he said,  “It’s six p.m.” He was reading that off of the rear license tag of the car in front of us.  I looked at my cell phone. It was exactly six pm. We both laughed hilariously.

So, before you toss away coincidences you might want to re examine them from this perspective to see if they are subtle confirmations that you are in the right place doing the right thing and in the flow. See if you can recall any such subtle coincidences lately and how you feel about them in this particular light. I would be anxious to hear from you.

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    I read a lot of blogs but this one really surprised me very positively.

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