How Your Decision Making is Affected If There is No Heaven?

Where Is Heaven?

The famed theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, finds no room for heaven in his vision of the cosmos in a recent Huffington Post.

When I was growing up, the prevailing view of heaven was that was the place you would go when you died and you could have any thing you wanted. On the other hand hell was supposed to be that place where you would receive eternal damnation. These are pretty large extremes. If there is no heaven how will this affect your life and decision making?

Raymond Moody, the noteworthy psychiatrist who conducted thousands of interviews with people who had near death experiences and taught logic at the University of Virginia used to say that where there is no definitive way to prove a statement the believer and the dis-believer are one in the same. That is if you disagree with Stephen Hawking you are just as right as he is.

Perhaps if heaven is a myth it has an extremely useful purpose for countless numbers of people. It simply says that if you lead a decent life, treating your fellow man as you would like to be treated,  you will be rewarded at the end. This is a wonderful belief for those whose lives are extremely challenging and who is to say that it does not contain elements of truth. After all if heaven is a place where you get every thing you want then why would that not exist?

Some people believe that heaven is right here on earth. That is what you put your mind to with intent can eventually comes into reality; maybe not right away, but in due time. You might check this out by thinking about the things in life that you have truly wanted and worked for and see if you have gotten them.

I feel that the only problem with the traditional heaven idea is that if you can have anything you want continuously eventually boredom will set in and you will long for the antidote to boredom which is a challenge. Living on the earthly plain seems to be filled with challenges. So perhaps whether we acknowledge it or not we are already in heaven and Stephen Hawking is right, that the prevailing view of heaven is not the definitive picture.

How about you,  what is your take?

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  1. Frank says:

    The question is, what is your idea of the traditional version of heaven. A strict Christian view of heaven is more than just a place where you get whatever you want, it is a place where God provides all things that your soul desires. Your soul wants to be in accordance with God but our carnal ways prevent our connection with Him. True happiness can be achieved if we fulfill what the spirit desires; peace, love, joy, and a sound mind. Heaven provides all of these qualities because it is a place where darkness or corruption cannot enter. You say that boredom would set in. That is true in this world but in the heavenly realm, all things are infinite and pure. Moreover, heaven is a place where we will be married with Christ and rule the cosmos; it is stated in the Bible that we will have reign over angels. God did not create such a vast universe for nothing. Our existence has a significant purpose.

    The truth is, one can not rationalize their way to God. We attempt to use the ideas and rationality of this world to try and prove the existence or non-existence of something that is not of this world. Our world is corrupt and finite, God is pure and infinite; of course it is difficult to connect with Him, but He is there.

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