Decision Making- Can We Rewire Our Brain?

Increasing our perspective

If we truly want to make different kinds of decisions sometimes we need to be placed into an environment in which our rationale minds are jolted: we  cannot believe what we are seeing,  but nevertheless it is happening. We need a catalyst. That kind of change seems to create a new portal in our brain. It allows us to be open in a way we never have before, an extremely useful state. I’ll admit this catalyst was a bit extreme but here is an example:

Years ago I went to Brazil with a small group. We were traveling with Mauricio Panisset, a physicist and renowned healer whom actress  Shirley Maclaine had supported . We visited some of Brazil’s most famous psychic surgeons including standing in the healing line for  Jaun de Dios. This was no ordinary trip. We had a doctor with us who remarked in disbelief after we had been to several healing sessions that we should all be either dead or in the emergency room. We simply had no reference points to what we were experiencing. Our western minds did not have answers.

My point is that if you can insert yourself into a  situation where you can feel safe, but at the same time knowing your rationale mind cannot accept, you can undergo a transformation. It isn’t a thinking thing, or a religious experience. It is simply that you are in a parallel reality with no explanations for how it is working. But there you are. Why is this useful? Because it allows you to be more open to other parts of your brain that operate in this realm. This unlocks a mindset that is perhaps anchored in linear thinking patterns and helps us to accept the concreteness of our intuition and synchronicity, areas that as time seems to speed up, we will need more and more.

Catalytic situations do not have to be dramatic. They might come in as benign a situation as a conversation or as many have experienced in a martial arts Karate class.

While living on the Island of Hawaii I had the good fortune of spending time with Nassim Haramein, a physicist and original thinker. As a scientist he has for example some very useful comments on the role of synchronicity in our lives as set forth on this You Tube synchronicty-Nassim Haramein.

Once we experience these kind of phenomena we simply see the world differently. Our decision making becomes more inclusive, more creative. We are open to a larger dimension. Then when we hear someone like Nassim talk we are more open to the possibilities. Something inside of us says, “Yes” instead of “No.”

I would love to hear your own experiences in this regard.  Sandy

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  1. rick says:

    The trick is to experience the magic with your feet on the ground.

    The linear mind can become merely background noise. It explains only a little.

    It is the oneness of all things, not their differences, that takes us to truth.

    Much of what goes on in a human life is illusion. But feet on the ground.

    Two worlds at once. That is a minimum.

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