Decision Making –Finding Ways To Connect With Your Subconscious

consciousness emerging from the subconscious

As I have been writing about in these blogs, we are all on a fast track to learning how to have more confidence in our intuition and how to connect with our subconscious. As our decision making begins to require more “gut” calls, how do we build confidence in this territory?

Our subconscious seems to be connected to what is popularly now referred to as “The Field, ” which can be thought of as a repository for what consciousness by the species is learning.  Rupert Sheldrake, an eminent biologist  has gained much attention on his reporting of how animals  seem to be able to anticipate the movements of their masters or seem to be able know how to perform certain tasks once a certain number of their species learns how to do this task.  Lyall Watson, also an eminent biologist, had coined the last phenomena, the 100th monkey syndrome.

Essentially our link with our subconscious seems to be our link to a collective source of wisdom and interactive guidance, to which we are learning to accept with more and more confidence daily.  In one sense we can think of our subconscious as being the portal into source which is not just a repository of information but is proactive and interactive as well. For example where does a truly original idea come from and who sent it? I liked to think in terms of having invisible partners as a moniker I can attribute to this kind of transaction and it is one that gives me personal comfort. I like to think we have partners in the invisible realms  just as real as the partners we have in daily lives.  I may not understand the mechanics or location or relationships, but it helps me give phenomena a useful perspective.

One of the tricky parts of this communication is trying to be sure that it is our subconscious we are connecting with rather than just our conscious desires overriding this process and confusing us. This is particularly critical when we have big decisions and feel like we have a lot riding on it. Do we take the job in a new environment? Do we take on a huge financial obligation?

Synchronicities( meaningful coincidences), both positive and negative are guides, but sometimes those may not be present. I have mentioned muscle testing as another form of connecting. There are other ways also. Each person has to find a comfortable way to navigate. Sometimes I use a pendulum to get in touch with my subconscious. It is a simple weight on a string that you can hold and by asking yourself “yes” or “no” questions with your eyes closed you can after a lapse of ten or fifteen seconds  see which way the pendulum is moving. It is either moving clockwise or counterclockwise. You can ask your self to see a “Yes,” usually a clockwise motion and a “No,” usually a counterclockwise motion. The whole idea is to confidently find aids to help make this connection.

I think one of the best things to do is to keep a pendulum and use it to ask simple questions for which you know the answer . For example state an incorrect name for yourself. See which way the pendulum goes.  Do this for other obvious situations. Then when you ask the truly unknown you can have a measure of confidence in the answers you receive from yourself. I believe this is one way to improve our decision making as we enter the realms of the intuitive and subconscious.

What are your thoughts or experiences around this subject?

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