Practicing The Three “P’s” For Creativity And Decision Making

This looks like a scarry place

As I scan the daily newspaper articles on line I see such titles as “Sliding Down The Ladder and Have You Had To Take A Paycut?” For those that lose a job or suddenly find that they are upside down financially without knowing how it is all going to work out willing or not they are in that state knowin as the  “Chaos of creation.”

If you are there, and we all have been I find it useful to reflect on what Peter Caddy told me had to do…

I write about Peter Caddy in my  just released book. He was the Cofounder of the Findhorn Spiritual  Community in Scotland, known initally for growing gigantic vegetables and roses out of the snow, but later on for teaching people how to manifest in a new way. He was visiting Hawaii and staying with me. At the time he said that he was learning to live entirely on intuition. I asked him how it was going,  to which he replied, “It is maddening. I don’t know whether the answers that come are my mind wanting something to happen or my true connection with my unconscious bringing me my very next step.”

After a pause, he went on to explain that when you are living so close to the edge, as he was consciously practicing, he literally did not know where the next meal or place to stay for the evening would present itself. He said that often he would have a strong urge to simply go to a city not knowing why, but that he should be there. He would immediately start that journey often hitch hiking. Some refer to this space as the “chaos of creation.” You can either get into the flow at one end of the spectrum, “go nuts” at the other end or some combination in between.

So he said that he had to continuously practice the three “P’s”- PATIENCE, PERSERVERENCE and PERSISTENCE.

Patience referred to the fact that the universe was assembling the outcome he required. He had already placed his order and simply had to wait for things to  come together.

Perserverence was the faith that he was on the rigth path and not to be deterred or to give up.

Persistence was the ability to keep moving along on the path and not being deterred by obstacles or setbacks.

Sometimes when I get turned around or discouraged, I have to just revisit the three “P’s.” It helps me get my bearings and improves my creative decision making.  How about you? Would love to hear your stories.

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