How Are You Going to “Know Thyself?”

The Oracle

The Oracle at Delphi offers two pieces of advice to humankind, (1) nothing in excess and (2) know thyself. We are all pretty familiar with excess when it happens, and can begin to course correct. But knowing one’s self is an entirely different matter. In fact for most of us it is a life time chore.

For example it is only in the last twenty years or so that the almighty IQ as the basis of measuring intelligence has been expanded to include EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ ( spiritual quotient) and thereby includes people  and re-frame  aptitudes.

So how are you going to know yourself better?

A good therapist might suggest that we have  blind spots that we cannot see and therefore we do need outside help of some kind to fill in the missing picture. Furthermore, there are numerous psychological tests which can give us a picture of our aptitudes and help us sort out emotionally for what we are best suited. These sources all cost money for the most part, but can be very useful.

Yet, there is another set of data that the skeptics might scoff at but I believe can be very helpful. There is the metaphysical divination viewpoint found in astrology, numerology, and the enneagram. For example take Astrology. It has been around for thousands of years. The scientific community would say that it is a pseudo science with no basis in fact. Yet I would offer this point of view. Were it to have no validity at all, then it would have produced no meaningful data that people could agree about. In other words how long would  people ascribe to something that has no feedback of truth, especially in today’s modern world? I myself don’t follow any daily trends but with regard to my natal chart it seems to feel more right than not.

If you put the composite picture together generated from these different disciplines you get another picture of yourself, at least your predispositions.

I wondered what might be at the basis of all of this and thought that perhaps at the quantum level of our existence we are electrical impulses and matter participating in a huge electromagnetic field which is far from being understood. So perhaps these inputs carry a truth we have yet to discover. In the meantime they might add awareness that helps you understand your own nature.

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